Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sober Second Thoughts

I've tuned out the whole Senate debacle.  I just won't click on anything to do with it.  I'm sick of it.  I'd rather do something else; anything else. 

That is why I came upon this clip from Ezra Levant's show so late.  Sometimes I just let the Sun News clips stream one after the other and this one came up on its own.

What do I know at this point?
  1. The Media Party cannot be trusted.
  2. The Senate must be reformed. 
  3. Stephen Harper isn't perfect and still the best Prime Minister ever.
Did I miss anything?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

CETA details get their first look and guess who is grumpy?

It's pleasing to see details of the CETA agreement begin to emerge.  Already there are complaints from the dairy people.  There are a few terms like Feta cheese and Asiago cheese that are region specific to the EU.  (The document presented by Ed Fast is embedded below.  I don't actually see what the dairy people are talking about.)

Seems like some are determined to be the losers in CETA.  There might even be some government handouts for failure as a part of this deal.  Talk about aiming low.  The dairy people say they shouldn't have to put "imitation" or  hyphenated "like" as in "Feta-like" cheese on their labels.

Is this just whine and cheese?  How about "Real Canadian Feta Cheese," or "Aziago Cheese" spelled with a Canadian letter Zed?  It doesn't take a cheese marketing genius to figure out how to deal with it. 

Meanwhile there is quality and price to think about.  It would be natural to pick the Greek Feta to put in your Greek salad if all else was equal.  So don't let things be equal.  Get off your whining protected butts and go kick theirs. 

Russian Vodka is not the best Vodka even though they practically live off the stuff.  Beat the Greeks at their own game.  Put black olives in it or something.  You're the cheese people.  Greeks invented Western Civilization and they are hardly the best example of it.  It can be done. 

That goes for the rest of them too.  We've got the better part of a continent at our disposal.  We've got an educated and able population.  What we don't need is loser talk from entitled legacy groups like The Dairy Farmers of Canada.  Let's hear more about how your are going to invade and conquer these new markets and less about how much you think you suck.  Forget your old purpose.  The dairy business needs champs not whiners.  There's no room for self-fulfilling prophecies.  Time to adapt and take on the future. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Bright Vision For Alberta

Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith's Keynote Speech at the 2013 AGM.

An inspiring address from an inspiring leader.  There is no question who represents the best of what Alberta is and what it can be. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Freeing The Press

If there is one time honoured image that represents truth suppression and censorship its the hand over the camera shot.

The image above was captured while the woman attached to the stifling hand says "your organisations has really...[exposed us]."  I want them exposed.  If there is nothing to hide then the best thing they can do is let the situation speak for itself.  They can't allow us to see.

Fracking is a false concern that falls apart under the slightest scrutiny.  Exploring for Natural Gas would undoubtedly help this dysfunctional and gullible Native Band.  The pseudo-environmentalists behind this violence actually put racism into practice when they exploit these natives for their own agenda.

It really bothers me when people cover up cameras.  They aren't blocking Sun News.  They are blocking you and me.  I'm the one who wants to see what they are doing and saying.  I'm the one wants to know who they are and what their plans, motives, and backers are all about. 

That hand you see up there is a hand over your own face.  They don't have the right.  We will not be forcefully kept ignorant.  We do not submit to thuggish intimidation.

To this end I support covert means of investigation.  Allow me humbly suggest a couple of options for gathering information.
  • Drones: A standoff tool like a flying camera is perfect for safe exposition of hostile actions.  relatively inexpensive compared to a helicopter.  They cannot be ordered out of the local air space until its too late.  I would only recommend deploying these during a violent confrontation.  I don't think a constant watch would be productive until the moment eyes in the sky become valuable.
  • Hidden Cameras:  They can't seize what they can't see.  We will see it all.  Eventually they will catch on and start randomly searching people... all caught on film of course.  You may want to consider broken or old branded TV cameras to focus attention and distract from unobtrusive infiltrators.  It might raise suspicion if crews showed up without their tools. 
The this video shows Chris Sims racing away and recording the violent thugs on her cell phone.  An appropriate cell phone holder could be rigged up like a dash cam and transmit real time video through simple a program like Skype or Face Time.  (Were the dash cams of the burned RCMP cruisers recovered?) This is how the underdog journalists who are driven by the truth should start to think.  You don't have to play by the old tactics.  You can leverage existing technology to run circles around the Luddites. 

Of course the violence displayed by the thugs gives me pause in these suggestions.  Chris Sims is a mother of two.  None of this is worth making some orphans.  Some coddling judge could conceivably give the would-be murderer a few hours of community service and a cash bonus in this screwed up legal system.  Be safe above all, but you don't have to stick to traditional methods.   Leave that to the Media Party collaborators.

Friday, October 25, 2013

"Go Pound Sand!"

My feelings exactly, though I would say "Go pound sand please".

Listen to Glenn Beck's reaction to the Saudi's threat to cut ties with the US unless they attack Syria.

It's funny to imagine Obama consider that ultimatum.  We know he wants to go to war with Syria but doing so now would have certain "Yes Master" to it.

He can just ignore them though.  The heads of Saudi royals would end up on Islamist spikes inside of a year without US support.

This is why I say please.  Interesting times.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Noble Cause Corruption and Greenmail

I smell another great documentary in the making.  Phellim McAleer writes in the New York Post that Chevron is taking the Eco-nuts behind the movie 'Crude' to court for civil-racketeering.  It's been called "greenmail".

Apparently Chevron secured a court order for some 500 hours of cutting room footage from this movie.  The filmmakers have been caught boasting about intimidating and humiliating judges.  They are also seen complaining about the lack of pollution and devising schemes to exaggerate the extent of pollution in Ecuador. 

The environmentalists are also accused of forging signatures on false reports, paying experts to allow them to ghost write reports, and bribing judges outright. 

James Delingpole is also writing about the green extortion racket surrounding this movie.  He touches on the fascinating topic of what he calls Noble Cause Corruption.  It is the answer to the question of why so many people sacrifice their own integrity in telling environmental lies.  They tell themselves that their cause is 'The Greatest Threat Known To Mankind' thus excusing them from telling the truth and any other ethical or moral considerations. 

I've noticed this myself, though I called it Social Engineering License.  Its like poetic license.  They have special permission due to the importance of their cause to bend and stretch the truth.  The rest of us just aren't smart enough to see the danger so its ok for them make up whatever kind of fire and brimstone story that all the dummies will understand. 

It even works on some of those dummies.  They can't conceive that an environmentalist would lie to them.  Somehow these eco-nuts are pure and incorruptible.  Enviro-activists are supposedly free of the human frailties that have corrupted police, teachers, politicians, clergy, scout leaders, judges, hockey coaches, you name it.  All of these have had tragic episodes of misplaced trust, and yet its unbelievable that eco-nuts would do something as 'harmless' as lie about the 'enemies of all life?'

Here now we have an example of just that.  In the same spirit as Climategate and Gasland we have another eco-fraud to the tune of $19 billion.  I'm going to enjoy this case.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Duffy Goes Nuclear

Have you read Duffy's speech?  This is the best he could do with all that threatening from his lawyer.

It's good to know that I'm the problem in all of this.  Sitting in my little home, surrounded by my little family, my little dog, living my little life, writing this little blog to do what little I can to make this big country just a little better; I find out that its me who is the problem. 

According to Duffy's hearsay "it’s about the perception of what you did that has been created in the media. The rules are inexplicable to our base."  Its not exactly clear but I think he means to say that Harper said these words to Duffy.  All of it hearsay and impossible to prove. 

Duffy has done nothing wrong in his view.  Fraudulent expense claims are his entitled right as a Senator.  It's us, and our Prime Minister that are the problem according to Senator Duffy.  Why I didn't understand what a privilege it was to pay the magnificent Senator Duffy for not living in a certain house in PEI.  What an ignorant rube I am.  I do hope the good Senator will deign to accept our apology and of course horrendous amounts of money.

The line "The rules are inexplicable to our base," is interesting to me.  Harper said publicly that he did not come to Ottawa to make excuses for Senators.  Of course not.  We didn't send him there for that either.  I would not sit and listen to Duffy try to explain away his abuse of public money let alone Stephen Harper of all people. 

Perhaps Duffy has edited that line in his mind over time.  This happens to some older men especially ones under so much stress as he said.  Duffy is also experiencing health issues as well that may not exclude mental health issues.  Perhaps he was told the Senate rules are indefensible for surely they are indeed indefensible to the public.  Remember he believes there is nothing at all wrong with expense fraud, so it isn't out of the question.

I'm also being told that I should be angry with my Prime Minister because he seeks to please "the base."  Would the correct thing for him to do is say "yeah those idiots just don't get that we rule and we make the rules and they should just sit down, shut up and pay us."  That's not Stephen Harper and I'm glad its not.  I'm glad this Prime Minister cares what I think even if Senators are beyond the reach of a corrective vote. 

None of this might even be true, but even in the worst light Duffy can't make the Prime Minister into something he is not.  Even "the base" doesn't seem right.  Surely the Media Party is mutually exclusive to "the base" and yet they both agree that Duffy's expense claims are a problem.  The fact is that even if this is all true the motivation of the Prime Minister is to express the will of Canadians, not just "the base."

Senator Duffy embodies everything that is wrong with the Senate.  That is the remorseless gorging on entitlements outside "the power" of ordinary Canadians to do anything about it.  If this is within the rules then the rules are wrong.  The Senate itself is wrong.  "Those are the rules," holds very little water with people paying the bill.  This is our country.  These are our laws.  We have the natural right to change any one of them.  We have the power to disband the Senate itself if we chose to unambiguously determine it through a National Referendum.

Woe unto those who stand in the way of the peoples self determination.  There have been silly laws in the past that have been wisely retired for the greater sake of peace order and good government.  The Senate inches closer to a transformation of some kind each day.

I hope the Senate decides to suspend Duffy for everyone's sake.  He does not recognize any wrongdoing. He will therefore keep on doing it and encourage this behavior in others.  This can only negatively impact the Senate's already damaged reputation with Canadians and further weaken its diminished authority.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The NDP Hidden Agenda

So the NDP is completely in favor of the European Free Trade deal CETA?

I don't buy it.  I don't believe the dippers support "free" anything that wasn't taken from someone else first.

When you look at the NDP press release you see their current strategy is to wait. People are too happy about the deal to oppose it.  Even the press release itself has an overlarge image of Mr. Angry smiling so hard there seems to be a "safe injection site" on his forehead.  Boy Mulcair really loves his free trade.

Of course they are waiting for one of the special interest groups to cry foul.  When they do people like Jim Stanford, a union economist, will be there to negatively bafflegab about it.  Jim opposed corporate tax cuts in the last election.  He opposes NAFTA.  He has a sour opinion on current trade with the EU and says that: "The problem here is not trade. The problem is free trade."

It's only a matter of time before the NDP is publicly against CETA. Including the initial deception, its just who they are.

Call Duffy's Bluffy

Duffy's lawyer has made a strategic mistake.  Public blackmail doesn't work.  If his aim was to keep Mike Duffy out of a trial (or whatever), he has now guaranteed it.

What is the PMO supposed to do with that?   "Oh sorry, didn't mean it."

It would signal to everybody there is something to hide, even if there isn't.  That can't stand.  The only acceptable response now is to punish Senator Duffy as severely as possible.  Abolish the entire Senate if you have to.  In fact, please do that.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Ezra Levant is a Force of Nature

Never shy, Ezra Levant takes on the violent eco-nuts in New Brunswick.

Amazing.  Just amazing.  Nobody can stand up to the leftist thugs like Ezra Levant. 

They want Ezra out of the picture.

We need to support Ezra in his free speech battle.  If anyone can turn a punishing law-fare case on its head it's him.  It could end up a real coup for the good guys. 

You know that these rich PC leftist goons can come down on any one of us like a ton of bricks.  Who among us has the platform, skills, and experience that Ezra can bring to bear against these subversive forces?  Who has those kinds of resources?  We must pool our resources and knock these enemies of freedom back on their heels. 

Could you put up a better fight alone?  Together with our champion Ezra Levant we can push back these offended abusers.  We can teach them once and for all that free people can only be pushed so far.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

I hate being right sometimes.

Another train loaded with oil derails.
Emergency crews were battling a massive fire Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013 after a CN tanker train carrying oil and gas derailed in Gainford, Alta., west of Edmonton overnight.

Don't say I didn't warn you.  There is a direct cause for this accident we don't yet know.  Indirectly, the cause of a trains full of oil rolling night and day is Barrack Obama, Warren Buffet, and every ignorant anti-pipeline jerk you hear. 

It's not that trains are unsafe because of their cargo.  It's that there are so many more of them that don't need to be there.

Brian Lilley Speaks Out On Eco-Nut Violence

What would we do without Sun News?  Here's Brian Lilley's take on the ignorance in New Brunswick:

In a way I like the anti-fracking movement.  Its much easier to disprove than the Global Warming scam and it involves all the same characters.  While global average temperatures have stopped tracking with CO2 and all the dire predictions have failed, low information leftards can still be counted on to attribute any random event to the angry gods of climate change.  You may as well tell Muslims that their God isn't so great.

Fracking is way easier.  The contention is that Fracking harms drinking water.  Well how?  This is where they are counting on the ignorance of their audience.  The anti-fracking crowd hasn't got a clue about drilling. geology, fracking or even drinking water.  I'll go into more detail in another post.  For now I'll just say that a person against fracking is a deeply ignorant human being that has been sadly led astray. 

All you have to do is explain the reality that occurs hundreds of times a day on this continent.  All of it without a single instance of ground water contamination.  Not even one.  A reasonable doubter won't be able to have any disagreements once they possess the facts.  A good place to start is the movie FrackNation.  Once they wake up to the green machine that has been manipulating them about fracking, they'll begin to see the same tricks in all the other eco-hysteria.

Sun News is the only television news source that will tell us the truth about these things.  None of the the others will give you the straight goods.  Its not a conspiracy its groupthink.  They are all progressives and progressives all think they are our parents.  They shelter us from the truth in case we get scared or mad or sad... about the wrong things. 

One blogger I read compared Sun News to news as McDonald's is to restaurants.  Well ok so he doesn't like Sun News or McDonald's, but for the analogy to make sense you would have specify that McDonald's is the only place in the country that sells hamburgers and all the other restaurants are vegan. 

Without Sun News Chief Spends would have probably got a medal for stuffing her face and calling it a hunger strike.   Dr. Fruit Fly would still be out corrupting judges.  The police would have charged flood victims in High River who were robbed by police. A private zoo would be closed by busy bodies and foreign groups like the Tides foundation would have their run of the country targeting business and livelihoods as they go. 

That is just to name a few positive changes in a world with Sun News.  Thank God for Sun News. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

CNG / Gasoline Bi-fuel Cars Are The Real Transportation Future

Compressed Natural Gas and Gasoline cars are the future. GM announced they will sell CNG Impalas next summer.

Bi-Fuel Chevrolet Impala Sedan Photo by: General Motors

These new bi-fuel cars don't come with any sacrifice for the planet.  Its all bonus.  They include the standard size fuel tank plus CNG tanks.  See that?  They will go farther than a regular car and do it cheaper

Even the eco-nuts can't complain.  Natural Gas is by far the cleanest fossil fuel by any measure.  You cook your steak in it.  How bad can it be? 

Don't forget the electric fueled alternative is actually a coal or nuclear powered car. --produced in unionized centers -delivered by enormous wasteful permanent scaffolds. -compulsory bundled with the expensive, unproductive, pollution wrought windmills and solar panels made by slaves.

Not that I care about any of that.  That last sounds heartless.  Nobody wants slaves or pollution anywhere,  but its all a symptom of a larger problem which won't be solved by more of that problem.  Best to fix what you can in your own life and let China mind herself.  Still it's fun to show that free market resource allocation is the best environmental and social and fiscal policy.

The biggest problem right now is the lack of fuel stations.  Since the range on the CNG tanks are relatively small it would make sense to have a home compressor installed.  All your city driving can run off your own private fuel station. 

This could be the standard in 20 years.

Bi-Fuel Chevrolet Impala Sedan Photo by: General Motors

From there I could see a world where NG becomes not just a motive force for consumers but also a primary power source.  There are plans for co-generating NG furnaces.  These are furnaces that provide power and charge a household battery while making heat for your home.  You can buy a backup NG generator at Costco right now for $3,000.  Its not that far off.  This sort of technology is a matter of engineering.  The fundamentals are well understood.

Imagine if home power stations made the big ones obsolete?  Imagine the savings in transmission and overhead?  It would be a democratization of energy use with existing infrastructure.  A revolution in soft blue flame.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Harper Brings Home the Biggest Trade Deal in Canadian History

"EU free trade deal a 'historic win' for Canada, Harper says"

Well done Prime Minister!  I did not expect it so soon, even though there is still years of work to do. 
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, left, waves as he meets President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso in Brussels on Friday Oct. 18, 2013.

Personally I'm looking forward to French Wines, German Beers, Dutch Cheese, Swiss Chocolate, Portuguese Port (especially Madeira), and British uh...... Comedy?  Terrorists?  -More Beer!

We've got OIL! Try the Maple Syrup, Lumber, Beef, manufactured goods and a host of other great things.

It feels really good as a Canadian to shake off the US just as they decided to destroy themselves. Whew.

Here's to a promising future for us all.  Thanks again Harper Government.

So Lizzy, How do you say FRAUD in French?

Can we change it to Laraque if we do it for the planet?

C'mon you Apes! Did you want to govern forever?

There are no Red Tories.  There are no Green Tories. There are only True Blue Tories and right now all I want to see are Fiscally Conservative Blue Blurs!

Get out there and sign that EU Trade Treaty!  Balance the Budget!  Lower Taxes! Cut Red Tape and build some pipelines!  Move!

When did you guys plan on being the Conservative Government we've always hoped for?  -After PM Trudeau?

The time to act is now my Honorable Members.  Now!  Take some risks or you'll play it so safe and bland and stable that you'll be make a perfect opposition.  - if you're that lucky.

On with it!  Make us Proud.