Wednesday, October 30, 2013

CETA details get their first look and guess who is grumpy?

It's pleasing to see details of the CETA agreement begin to emerge.  Already there are complaints from the dairy people.  There are a few terms like Feta cheese and Asiago cheese that are region specific to the EU.  (The document presented by Ed Fast is embedded below.  I don't actually see what the dairy people are talking about.)

Seems like some are determined to be the losers in CETA.  There might even be some government handouts for failure as a part of this deal.  Talk about aiming low.  The dairy people say they shouldn't have to put "imitation" or  hyphenated "like" as in "Feta-like" cheese on their labels.

Is this just whine and cheese?  How about "Real Canadian Feta Cheese," or "Aziago Cheese" spelled with a Canadian letter Zed?  It doesn't take a cheese marketing genius to figure out how to deal with it. 

Meanwhile there is quality and price to think about.  It would be natural to pick the Greek Feta to put in your Greek salad if all else was equal.  So don't let things be equal.  Get off your whining protected butts and go kick theirs. 

Russian Vodka is not the best Vodka even though they practically live off the stuff.  Beat the Greeks at their own game.  Put black olives in it or something.  You're the cheese people.  Greeks invented Western Civilization and they are hardly the best example of it.  It can be done. 

That goes for the rest of them too.  We've got the better part of a continent at our disposal.  We've got an educated and able population.  What we don't need is loser talk from entitled legacy groups like The Dairy Farmers of Canada.  Let's hear more about how your are going to invade and conquer these new markets and less about how much you think you suck.  Forget your old purpose.  The dairy business needs champs not whiners.  There's no room for self-fulfilling prophecies.  Time to adapt and take on the future. 

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