Monday, October 28, 2013

Freeing The Press

If there is one time honoured image that represents truth suppression and censorship its the hand over the camera shot.

The image above was captured while the woman attached to the stifling hand says "your organisations has really...[exposed us]."  I want them exposed.  If there is nothing to hide then the best thing they can do is let the situation speak for itself.  They can't allow us to see.

Fracking is a false concern that falls apart under the slightest scrutiny.  Exploring for Natural Gas would undoubtedly help this dysfunctional and gullible Native Band.  The pseudo-environmentalists behind this violence actually put racism into practice when they exploit these natives for their own agenda.

It really bothers me when people cover up cameras.  They aren't blocking Sun News.  They are blocking you and me.  I'm the one who wants to see what they are doing and saying.  I'm the one wants to know who they are and what their plans, motives, and backers are all about. 

That hand you see up there is a hand over your own face.  They don't have the right.  We will not be forcefully kept ignorant.  We do not submit to thuggish intimidation.

To this end I support covert means of investigation.  Allow me humbly suggest a couple of options for gathering information.
  • Drones: A standoff tool like a flying camera is perfect for safe exposition of hostile actions.  relatively inexpensive compared to a helicopter.  They cannot be ordered out of the local air space until its too late.  I would only recommend deploying these during a violent confrontation.  I don't think a constant watch would be productive until the moment eyes in the sky become valuable.
  • Hidden Cameras:  They can't seize what they can't see.  We will see it all.  Eventually they will catch on and start randomly searching people... all caught on film of course.  You may want to consider broken or old branded TV cameras to focus attention and distract from unobtrusive infiltrators.  It might raise suspicion if crews showed up without their tools. 
The this video shows Chris Sims racing away and recording the violent thugs on her cell phone.  An appropriate cell phone holder could be rigged up like a dash cam and transmit real time video through simple a program like Skype or Face Time.  (Were the dash cams of the burned RCMP cruisers recovered?) This is how the underdog journalists who are driven by the truth should start to think.  You don't have to play by the old tactics.  You can leverage existing technology to run circles around the Luddites. 

Of course the violence displayed by the thugs gives me pause in these suggestions.  Chris Sims is a mother of two.  None of this is worth making some orphans.  Some coddling judge could conceivably give the would-be murderer a few hours of community service and a cash bonus in this screwed up legal system.  Be safe above all, but you don't have to stick to traditional methods.   Leave that to the Media Party collaborators.

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