Sunday, October 20, 2013

Brian Lilley Speaks Out On Eco-Nut Violence

What would we do without Sun News?  Here's Brian Lilley's take on the ignorance in New Brunswick:

In a way I like the anti-fracking movement.  Its much easier to disprove than the Global Warming scam and it involves all the same characters.  While global average temperatures have stopped tracking with CO2 and all the dire predictions have failed, low information leftards can still be counted on to attribute any random event to the angry gods of climate change.  You may as well tell Muslims that their God isn't so great.

Fracking is way easier.  The contention is that Fracking harms drinking water.  Well how?  This is where they are counting on the ignorance of their audience.  The anti-fracking crowd hasn't got a clue about drilling. geology, fracking or even drinking water.  I'll go into more detail in another post.  For now I'll just say that a person against fracking is a deeply ignorant human being that has been sadly led astray. 

All you have to do is explain the reality that occurs hundreds of times a day on this continent.  All of it without a single instance of ground water contamination.  Not even one.  A reasonable doubter won't be able to have any disagreements once they possess the facts.  A good place to start is the movie FrackNation.  Once they wake up to the green machine that has been manipulating them about fracking, they'll begin to see the same tricks in all the other eco-hysteria.

Sun News is the only television news source that will tell us the truth about these things.  None of the the others will give you the straight goods.  Its not a conspiracy its groupthink.  They are all progressives and progressives all think they are our parents.  They shelter us from the truth in case we get scared or mad or sad... about the wrong things. 

One blogger I read compared Sun News to news as McDonald's is to restaurants.  Well ok so he doesn't like Sun News or McDonald's, but for the analogy to make sense you would have specify that McDonald's is the only place in the country that sells hamburgers and all the other restaurants are vegan. 

Without Sun News Chief Spends would have probably got a medal for stuffing her face and calling it a hunger strike.   Dr. Fruit Fly would still be out corrupting judges.  The police would have charged flood victims in High River who were robbed by police. A private zoo would be closed by busy bodies and foreign groups like the Tides foundation would have their run of the country targeting business and livelihoods as they go. 

That is just to name a few positive changes in a world with Sun News.  Thank God for Sun News. 


Roy Elsworth said...

anyone who thinks aww the poor indians I wish they would stop whinning and follow the Canadian Rules.

Anon1152 said...

"I'll go into more detail in another post."
--I look forward to this future post. I'm trying to find FrackNation online. But it looks like I must (or should?) pay for it.

Alex F said...

Yes FrackNation is an excellent movie and worth every penny. Don't wait for the CBC to go and do something decent like educate the layman.
I'll wait for the right time to go deep into fracking. This thing in NB seems to be more about Native issues than fracking. I kind of enjoy talking about it in fact and it would easily take over the point of this post.

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