Saturday, October 19, 2013

CNG / Gasoline Bi-fuel Cars Are The Real Transportation Future

Compressed Natural Gas and Gasoline cars are the future. GM announced they will sell CNG Impalas next summer.

Bi-Fuel Chevrolet Impala Sedan Photo by: General Motors

These new bi-fuel cars don't come with any sacrifice for the planet.  Its all bonus.  They include the standard size fuel tank plus CNG tanks.  See that?  They will go farther than a regular car and do it cheaper

Even the eco-nuts can't complain.  Natural Gas is by far the cleanest fossil fuel by any measure.  You cook your steak in it.  How bad can it be? 

Don't forget the electric fueled alternative is actually a coal or nuclear powered car. --produced in unionized centers -delivered by enormous wasteful permanent scaffolds. -compulsory bundled with the expensive, unproductive, pollution wrought windmills and solar panels made by slaves.

Not that I care about any of that.  That last sounds heartless.  Nobody wants slaves or pollution anywhere,  but its all a symptom of a larger problem which won't be solved by more of that problem.  Best to fix what you can in your own life and let China mind herself.  Still it's fun to show that free market resource allocation is the best environmental and social and fiscal policy.

The biggest problem right now is the lack of fuel stations.  Since the range on the CNG tanks are relatively small it would make sense to have a home compressor installed.  All your city driving can run off your own private fuel station. 

This could be the standard in 20 years.

Bi-Fuel Chevrolet Impala Sedan Photo by: General Motors

From there I could see a world where NG becomes not just a motive force for consumers but also a primary power source.  There are plans for co-generating NG furnaces.  These are furnaces that provide power and charge a household battery while making heat for your home.  You can buy a backup NG generator at Costco right now for $3,000.  Its not that far off.  This sort of technology is a matter of engineering.  The fundamentals are well understood.

Imagine if home power stations made the big ones obsolete?  Imagine the savings in transmission and overhead?  It would be a democratization of energy use with existing infrastructure.  A revolution in soft blue flame.

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