Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Duffy Goes Nuclear

Have you read Duffy's speech?  This is the best he could do with all that threatening from his lawyer.

It's good to know that I'm the problem in all of this.  Sitting in my little home, surrounded by my little family, my little dog, living my little life, writing this little blog to do what little I can to make this big country just a little better; I find out that its me who is the problem. 

According to Duffy's hearsay "it’s about the perception of what you did that has been created in the media. The rules are inexplicable to our base."  Its not exactly clear but I think he means to say that Harper said these words to Duffy.  All of it hearsay and impossible to prove. 

Duffy has done nothing wrong in his view.  Fraudulent expense claims are his entitled right as a Senator.  It's us, and our Prime Minister that are the problem according to Senator Duffy.  Why I didn't understand what a privilege it was to pay the magnificent Senator Duffy for not living in a certain house in PEI.  What an ignorant rube I am.  I do hope the good Senator will deign to accept our apology and of course horrendous amounts of money.

The line "The rules are inexplicable to our base," is interesting to me.  Harper said publicly that he did not come to Ottawa to make excuses for Senators.  Of course not.  We didn't send him there for that either.  I would not sit and listen to Duffy try to explain away his abuse of public money let alone Stephen Harper of all people. 

Perhaps Duffy has edited that line in his mind over time.  This happens to some older men especially ones under so much stress as he said.  Duffy is also experiencing health issues as well that may not exclude mental health issues.  Perhaps he was told the Senate rules are indefensible for surely they are indeed indefensible to the public.  Remember he believes there is nothing at all wrong with expense fraud, so it isn't out of the question.

I'm also being told that I should be angry with my Prime Minister because he seeks to please "the base."  Would the correct thing for him to do is say "yeah those idiots just don't get that we rule and we make the rules and they should just sit down, shut up and pay us."  That's not Stephen Harper and I'm glad its not.  I'm glad this Prime Minister cares what I think even if Senators are beyond the reach of a corrective vote. 

None of this might even be true, but even in the worst light Duffy can't make the Prime Minister into something he is not.  Even "the base" doesn't seem right.  Surely the Media Party is mutually exclusive to "the base" and yet they both agree that Duffy's expense claims are a problem.  The fact is that even if this is all true the motivation of the Prime Minister is to express the will of Canadians, not just "the base."

Senator Duffy embodies everything that is wrong with the Senate.  That is the remorseless gorging on entitlements outside "the power" of ordinary Canadians to do anything about it.  If this is within the rules then the rules are wrong.  The Senate itself is wrong.  "Those are the rules," holds very little water with people paying the bill.  This is our country.  These are our laws.  We have the natural right to change any one of them.  We have the power to disband the Senate itself if we chose to unambiguously determine it through a National Referendum.

Woe unto those who stand in the way of the peoples self determination.  There have been silly laws in the past that have been wisely retired for the greater sake of peace order and good government.  The Senate inches closer to a transformation of some kind each day.

I hope the Senate decides to suspend Duffy for everyone's sake.  He does not recognize any wrongdoing. He will therefore keep on doing it and encourage this behavior in others.  This can only negatively impact the Senate's already damaged reputation with Canadians and further weaken its diminished authority.


Ron said...

Excellent Post. Duffy is playing the whoa is me card. It is comical how the MSM went after Duffy and Wallin and now they are hero's if they criticize Harper.

Dollops said...

I agree with your post in all but the last paragraph. We do need to hold public figures to higher standards but to nail Duff for this penny-ante pilferage while accepting all the country-wide abuse of power and privilege is useless and unfair. Senators are appointed (a good thing) by Prime Ministers (not so good) who are democratically elected, so ultimately it is the voter who is responsible for the conduct of senators. Vote out dishonorable politicians and the problem goes away.

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