Monday, October 21, 2013

Ezra Levant is a Force of Nature

Never shy, Ezra Levant takes on the violent eco-nuts in New Brunswick.

Amazing.  Just amazing.  Nobody can stand up to the leftist thugs like Ezra Levant. 

They want Ezra out of the picture.

We need to support Ezra in his free speech battle.  If anyone can turn a punishing law-fare case on its head it's him.  It could end up a real coup for the good guys. 

You know that these rich PC leftist goons can come down on any one of us like a ton of bricks.  Who among us has the platform, skills, and experience that Ezra can bring to bear against these subversive forces?  Who has those kinds of resources?  We must pool our resources and knock these enemies of freedom back on their heels. 

Could you put up a better fight alone?  Together with our champion Ezra Levant we can push back these offended abusers.  We can teach them once and for all that free people can only be pushed so far.


E Mac said...

Ezra is one of the key reasons SNN should be given consideration and ther CRTC should agree to the conditions same as the other news agencies.
Do you really believe you are getting the truth from the CBC, CTV, and other left-wing nuts?
Not a chance. Give em Hell Ezra.
Your the man.

Ron said...

Not on topic but does anyone know what has happened to National Newswatch.
They have not updated site articles for 3 days

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