Thursday, October 24, 2013

Noble Cause Corruption and Greenmail

I smell another great documentary in the making.  Phellim McAleer writes in the New York Post that Chevron is taking the Eco-nuts behind the movie 'Crude' to court for civil-racketeering.  It's been called "greenmail".

Apparently Chevron secured a court order for some 500 hours of cutting room footage from this movie.  The filmmakers have been caught boasting about intimidating and humiliating judges.  They are also seen complaining about the lack of pollution and devising schemes to exaggerate the extent of pollution in Ecuador. 

The environmentalists are also accused of forging signatures on false reports, paying experts to allow them to ghost write reports, and bribing judges outright. 

James Delingpole is also writing about the green extortion racket surrounding this movie.  He touches on the fascinating topic of what he calls Noble Cause Corruption.  It is the answer to the question of why so many people sacrifice their own integrity in telling environmental lies.  They tell themselves that their cause is 'The Greatest Threat Known To Mankind' thus excusing them from telling the truth and any other ethical or moral considerations. 

I've noticed this myself, though I called it Social Engineering License.  Its like poetic license.  They have special permission due to the importance of their cause to bend and stretch the truth.  The rest of us just aren't smart enough to see the danger so its ok for them make up whatever kind of fire and brimstone story that all the dummies will understand. 

It even works on some of those dummies.  They can't conceive that an environmentalist would lie to them.  Somehow these eco-nuts are pure and incorruptible.  Enviro-activists are supposedly free of the human frailties that have corrupted police, teachers, politicians, clergy, scout leaders, judges, hockey coaches, you name it.  All of these have had tragic episodes of misplaced trust, and yet its unbelievable that eco-nuts would do something as 'harmless' as lie about the 'enemies of all life?'

Here now we have an example of just that.  In the same spirit as Climategate and Gasland we have another eco-fraud to the tune of $19 billion.  I'm going to enjoy this case.

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