Sunday, October 27, 2013

Climate Change is Absolutely True

Say it with me.  "I believe in Climate Change."


bertie said...

Are you some kind of nut? What is a climate change??Never heard of such a thing.I know about the 4 seasons,but never heard of climate change.Explain further please.And please do not repeat statements from bug scientists or politicians.Just the facts.

Alex F said...

The climate changes. Always has. Always will. But Warmists deny the Roman Warm Period, The Medeival Climate Optimum and the Little Ice Age. Global warming is also true. The Globe indeed warmed before it stopped warming to the surprise, denial and then cover up from the warmists. Some of them still deny it in fact. Human's in fact warm the Earth. What planet is your house on? I presume you heat it. Jet contrails have been shown to cool days and warm nights and how do you suppose we create Urban Heat Islands if we didn't build the city to start with. Does any of that justify new taxes? Hell no. Does it justify the billion dollars a day spent on Climate Change around the world. Absolutely not.

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