Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Council of the United Federation of Planets

I happened to catch the "Council of the Federation" giving their group statement yesterday.  What a steaming pile of verbalized turds that was.  We have a Confederation, I thought.  (council of confederates?  haha)

When the "Preems" get together and call it the "Council of the Federation", you know they want to be taken more seriously.  Didn't really work.  If they are making up titles they should have just gone all out and included the planets too.  The Council of the United Federation of Planets.   

How grand!  How progressive.  How does anyone stand these people?  (Brad Wall being the exception)

Christy Clark was the big deal this time.  Its going to be her way or the railway.  The railway being the default alternative to move oil out of Alberta.  While rails are extremely safe, I have to laugh at the irony that pipeline safety is the excuse for forcing oil to use less safe means of travel.  (pipes don't have as many moving parts, are not as exposed to traffic, random weather events or sabotage, and even use less energy as other means of transport).

Everyone sees through it, even the other progs. 

Nobody seems to notice that its game over for the Gateway pipeline.  All of the BC parties, even the BC Conservatives have basically the same position.  Everyone expects the Liberals to lose the next election but have you noticed who is expected to win?  The BC NDP doesn't even want to negotiate about a pipeline.

I know Confederation.  If BC doesn't want it in BC, good luck.  I'm not comforted by the law.  The law is for suckers.  Sorry.  I know how important the rule of law is to conservatives, but I'm not talking about how things should be here.  There is no rule of law when the law can be bent to the short term will of progressives lawmakers.  They call it progress and beam about it. 

I don't doubt that Clark is doing this for pure political gain, but think about what that really means.  Every party in BC has realized something important about the people of BC.  I suspect their internal polling is telling them all that the pipeline is a political bomb.  -almost like Obama with Keystone.  A no-brainer with no brain brave enough to try and calm their fears. 

Then there is the inevitable and odious pronouncement of complete success that comes with every political meeting.  While I do admit that it was impressive to see every province lined up behind Alberta, (even the retards!  -McGuinty, Charest) how can it possibly be called a success?  Consider the exact opposite of what actually went on.  Lets say only Clark and Redford saw eye to eye on the pipeline.  Just for the sake of argument.  Brad Wall is the only leader in the lot, but lets just imagine that's how it went.  Well, the Gateway pipeline would still be game on!  Every stuffed shirt east of the 2nd meridian could be dead set against the Gateway pipeline, but if only BC were on board this country would be go for launch.

For a blog who's raison d'ĂȘtre is all about calling out the political bull crap, I still wish it wasn't such a target rich environment.  The Council of the Federation (of  planets) is the biggest pile of crap since the UN itself. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Wildrose is Gay

The brilliant Andrew Breitbart asked this very obvious question and Wildrosers should think about it.
Rick “scribbler” Bell had an interesting scoop the other day on Daniel Smith’s interview with a lesbian group.  (here is her responseApparently it seemed like she committed the party to the very sex change funding we have right now.  –Funding that was canceled by the Progs and then reinstated to presumably draw the ire of homophobes. 
The troubling news is that the PCs believe their own propaganda.  You can’t make good decisions if your model of the world is flawed.  The progs will find themselves surprised again and again.  I’ll expand on this another time, though the day will come when PC delusions come due with interest.
But today I’m talking about the Wildrose Party.  Today I’m soul searching.  See I’m a believer in Democracy.  The people are always right.  As terrible as Obama is, Americans could not rightly reward the incompetence of the Bush administration.  I wouldn’t have.  So why was the corruption and incompetence of the Alberta PC party rewarded?
One reason was the old fears brought to light by a Christian preacher’s old blog.  You remember the “lake of fire” hoopla I’m sure.  I didn’t care.  Surprise, a priest believes in his religion.  -But it did give credence to the old lies about the right.  We’re all Nazis didn’t you know.
So is this what the Wildrose is?  Am I the one with the flawed world view?  Have I believed my own propaganda?  Have I hitched my wagon to a Nazi train?  This is the question the electorate has asked us Wildrosers.
No!  The answer is no.  -Emphatically no.  -Obviously no.  -At least for my part.  I can’t be a party to anything that would make the answer to any of the above questions a yes.
I’m an Atheist.  Outnumbered by even Gay believers (I think).  Atheist conservatives are a super-minority; a minority of a minority.  I’m not interested in oppressing anyone.  The way leftist Atheists behave, we’ve got some oppression coming to us.  Force belief on someone else and you open the door to some belief being forced on you.  If you don’t own your own mind, what can you own?
So when a preacher preaches about something that has no bearing on the here and now.  So?  What of it?  It’s like he’s gay.  Your sexual preference has no bearing either.  Government is about the here and now and about the future in the real world.  Sex and the afterlife have as much to do with good policy and good government as the colour of my socks.
Let me say this then: Wildrose is Gay.  We’ve got a pretty pink flower as our symbol.  So?  Problem?  We talk the talk.  If we don’t walk the walk, that in a nutshell is the idea of the hidden agenda slur.  Do not tolerate these insults. 
We are here to free the markets.  We are here to unleash the creative spirit that is a benefit to all mankind.   We are here to give each individual their own life and destiny back to them.  That is what Wildrose is and it includes all sexual orientations and all belief systems.
Bigots and liars who say otherwise be damned –in the here and now.

note: I'm strait.  I may have made it ambiguous but again it doesn't matter unless we are talking about sex now does it?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hail to the National Energy Strategy*

Hail to the National Energy Strategy!  Nobody is sure what it is, even today, but its such a slogan. 

These damned Progressives and their nonsense jargon language are repulsive.  They have perfected the art of sounding intelligent, but only to clueless morons.  An intelligent person either sees through this meaningless jabber, or if they're dishonest, goes along with it. 

The National Energy Strategy eh?  What strategy?  Was Christy Clark's pipeline cash grab part of the grand strategy?  I thought Clark and Redford were peas in a progressive pod? That's silly.  Clark has even said that Redford is "silly."

Dalton blamed Alberta for Ontario's problems soon after the little sit down with Redford.  Mulcair went even further and made it NDP policy to cure Alberta's wealth disease, and it took a week for Redford to respond.  Now that is a National Energy Strategy.

How's the Keystone pipeline coming along?  Exactly.  This is so strategic I can't even understand how it looks just like another utter failure by the PC government.  Have they been mentioning unsettled science?

The best thing Redford could say to this brazen cash grab is:  "It's not how Canada has worked, it's not how Canada has succeeded and I'm disappointed to hear the comment."

Me, I'm just too cynical to believe any of it.  Perhaps these two progs in a pod are just manufacturing some headlines for free publicity. 

An honest Premier would call BCs bluff.  This sort of politicking should be discouraged.  It should have a cost associated with it.

Instead they will throw ridiculous statements at each other until after the BC election.  Then the pipeline will go through and BC will get the spoon of sugar they were always going to get.  Only this way Clarke and Redford will get to claim a victory of negotiation.

Maybe.  Or maybe they are bumbling in the dark.  No plan.  No strategy.  Just smart sounding buzzwords.  They don't know what is going on.

I have a feeling Clark won't be there after the election.  I think we should be looking at ways to make the BC government uncomfortable in its demands from the get-go.  Daniel Smith would have been the better person for this and Albertans will know it before the next election.  Incompetence and failure are the hallmarks of progressive politics.

*sarcasm in the extreme.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Obama Supports Fracking?

Nope.  It isn't because of the government roads and teachers that make Obama the only reason any business is done at all.

Here is what Obama had to say about fracking:
“Nat­ural gas actu­ally burns cleaner than some other fos­sil fuels,” the Demo­c­ra­tic incum­bent said in reply to an audi­ence ques­tion. “It’s an ideal energy source that we poten­tially could use for the next 100 years.
“So I want to encour­age nat­ural gas pro­duc­tion. The key is to make sure that we do it safely and in a way that is envi­ron­men­tally sound.”
The prac­tice pop­u­larly called “frack­ing,” region­ally con­cen­trated so far in east­ern Ohio and neigh­bor­ing Penn­syl­va­nia, involves ground injec­tions of chem­i­cally treated flu­ids at high pres­sure to frac­ture shale deposits and free oil and nat­ural gas trapped inside.
“There are a lot of folks right now who are engag­ing in hydraulic frac­tur­ing who are doing it safely,” Mr. Obama said. “The prob­lem is that we haven’t estab­lished clear guide­lines of how to do it safely and to inform the pub­lic, so that neigh­bors know what’s going on. … Look, we are going to work with indus­try to estab­lish best prac­tices. We are going to invest in the basic research and sci­ence to make sure this is done safely and in a way that pro­tects the pub­lic health.
via (h/t Fracknation)

Interesting that the quote mentions shale oil too.  There could be some formation that is actually viable but most of it isn't recoverable yet.  Commercially recoverable shale oil would see the fact reflected in the markets.

The other mistake is to say that fracking only happens in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  Every well is fracked.  Every single one.  Even old wells get serviced and stimulated with the latest technology.  I've seen figures saying that 95% of wells are fracked today.  I disagree but the disagreement only amounts to a difference in defining fracking.  Fracking is any technique that fractures the rock around the well bore.  Others may get more specific.

If you read my recent post about fracking you would be glad to see the left, at least the leadership, seems to have capitulated.  The facts about fracking are overwhelming.  To be against fracking is to be ignorant.  This is an uncomfortable position for the left as they have spent large amounts of time casting themselves as smart or progressive and morally superior. 

Its nice to see them retreat.

If you like winning arguments with leftards, fracking and drilling are some subjects you may really enjoy.  All they know is what eco-nuts have told them: bullcrap.  They are so convinced they can fit the entire universe into their tiny skulls that they will enter debates armed only with bullet points from an email newsletter.  Annihilating these pretentious snowflakes with nothing but facts is a joy that keeps you smiling long after the encounter.  Read up.  Be ready for your moment of triumph.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ezra's Next Battle for Free Speech

I completely support Ezra Levant and Sun News Network.  All Censors, Nanny Staters, Progressives and any other idiot leftist can "Chingua tu madre."

Truth is the ultimate irritant to progressives.  They can't have it.  Too bad for them.

Don't shut up Ezra.  Keep it up.  Make it even louder if you can. 

Here is the email I wrote to the Prime Minister:

Hello Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

Let me start by saying what an excellent job you and your government are doing.  You are well on your way to becoming the best Prime Minister in Canadian history.

I was very impressed and deeply thankful when I heard that your government repealed Section 13 of the Human Rights Act.  Its rare that any government in the world today moves to give more freedom to its citizens. 

We Canadians can be the most free people on earth.  Its in your power to make it so.  Freedom is Canadian.

That is why I'm asking you to step in and repeal Section 5. (1)(b) and (c) of Broadcasting Regulations. 

Small minded leftists abuse the spirit of these regulations to take freedoms from their opponents and mislead Canadians.  I'm sure this was not the intent of the regulation and it should be struck down to avoid further abuse.

I know you are busy but these excessive powers have been abused for long enough.

Keep up the great work!


I'm only sorry I didn't chime in sooner.  Now its your turn.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Don't count your wells before they are fracked

Isreal's new found shale oil reserves rival those of Saudi Arabia. Its Great news. The world needs shale oil. Wars have been fought over smaller oilfields in the area recently. Recovering these reserves would be an economic boost to Carbon poor Europe as well as a major geopolitical shift for the region.

Well not so fast. Reserves are not the same recoverable reserves and shale oil is not yet recoverable. Wikipoedia gives an authoritative account of how shale oil is produced but its misleading. There are also huge unrecoverable shale oil reserves in Montana and elswhere. These reserves are not new. Legend holds that Natives could actually light some these oil bearing rocks on fire.

Shale oil has become a hot topic lately because of the breakthroughs in shale gas recovery. There is an expectation that the fracturing or "fracking" technology that created the natural gas abundance will evolve to produce oil from shale.

I'm not so sure. Expectations of technological progress rarely pan out as predicted or hoped. The technological leap required to liberate oil from solid rock at depth is at least as large as the leap realized by shale gas fracking. Its not a safe bet, however anything can happen.

If the worlds markets were suddenly floating in a sea of shale oil, what would change?

A collapse in oil prices would be excellent for the greater world economy. Alison Redford's Vegas style spendthrift Alberta budget would implode like a collapsing star. The Oil Sands would take a temporary hit as well. A lot of capital projects may become obsolete.

I say temporary because while Oil Sands crude is more expensive to produce, its still going to be easier to get bitumen from sand, than to somehow sqeeze oil from tight shale. Technology to extract oil from shale is just going to make it that much easier to produce from the oil sands. Say goodbye to SAGD. Say hello to more competative drilling with a smaller footprint.

Imagine that. More wealth across the board and less intensive, less intrusive production all thanks to Capitalism. David Suzuki would cry in his organic latte.

This is why fracking has become the new eco-bogey man.

Global Warming hasn't panned out for the eco nuts. All the predictions over 30 years have been wrong. The current science has been watered down to the extent that it has proved the skeptics to be right all along. Just don't look for the career alarmists to say so.

Energy from shale gas is actually 50% cleaner than oil (if you fear the eco-bogey CO2). It is particulate free. Its cheap. Abundant. Widely distributed. You cook your dinner and heat your house with natural gas. You can even run a car on it. What is not to love?

Uh-oh fracking. Every single well drilled today is fracked. Fracking is the process of fracturing oil or gas bearing rock so it can flow into a cased well bore. Its done at depths typically 1000 - 2000 meters deep. That's 4 times as deep as the CN tower. Its not even in the biosphere. The zone itself is completely inhospitable to life. It can be 200 degrees celsius while its -40 at the surface. It is deadly poisonous and toxic already. The fossil fuels may have been trapped in crushing darkness for eons. There is no way to pollute that environment. Furthermore the zone is literally burried under a mountain of overburden. Only a meteor could unearth the fracked zone. If that happens a little patch of fracking will not be the biggest problem on your mind.

Anyone you meet who opposes fracking is ignorant of the process. There is a good chance they have been scooped up into the eco-nut indoctrination machine and are quickly losing anything they may have once known.

There has been 40 years of regular fracking all over the world but now its the latest threat mother earth. Directional drilling is what made horizontal wells possible. Along with those advances new fracking techniques had to be developed to fracture the length of the horizontal section. These cumulative advances finally gave rise to shale gas fracking and will probably continue into other applications like shale oil.

Fracking isn't at all new. It isn't free of risks of course. Drilling a well is essentially a construction job. It is subject to all applicable regulations and some industry specific ones too. Fracking is as risky as building a bridge or a school. Anyone up for banning those? Right now there are hundreds of wells being completed by fracking. There are tens of thousands of fracked wells producing some part of your energy as you read this.

If oil shale fracking technology panned out it could transform mining in general. Uranium wells can already be mined through a type of fracking called in-situ recovery. What other minerals could be extracted from a horizontal wellbore?

There is more shale oil in the US than all the conventional oil in all of the world. Its not yet recoverable but you can expect that it will be at some point. Fracking will be an integral part of liberating that resource an goodness knows what other minerals. When you talk about oil shale you are talking about fracking techniques yet to be discovered.

So don't count your barrels before the wells are fracked.

Sunday, July 1, 2012