Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Council of the United Federation of Planets

I happened to catch the "Council of the Federation" giving their group statement yesterday.  What a steaming pile of verbalized turds that was.  We have a Confederation, I thought.  (council of confederates?  haha)

When the "Preems" get together and call it the "Council of the Federation", you know they want to be taken more seriously.  Didn't really work.  If they are making up titles they should have just gone all out and included the planets too.  The Council of the United Federation of Planets.   

How grand!  How progressive.  How does anyone stand these people?  (Brad Wall being the exception)

Christy Clark was the big deal this time.  Its going to be her way or the railway.  The railway being the default alternative to move oil out of Alberta.  While rails are extremely safe, I have to laugh at the irony that pipeline safety is the excuse for forcing oil to use less safe means of travel.  (pipes don't have as many moving parts, are not as exposed to traffic, random weather events or sabotage, and even use less energy as other means of transport).

Everyone sees through it, even the other progs. 

Nobody seems to notice that its game over for the Gateway pipeline.  All of the BC parties, even the BC Conservatives have basically the same position.  Everyone expects the Liberals to lose the next election but have you noticed who is expected to win?  The BC NDP doesn't even want to negotiate about a pipeline.

I know Confederation.  If BC doesn't want it in BC, good luck.  I'm not comforted by the law.  The law is for suckers.  Sorry.  I know how important the rule of law is to conservatives, but I'm not talking about how things should be here.  There is no rule of law when the law can be bent to the short term will of progressives lawmakers.  They call it progress and beam about it. 

I don't doubt that Clark is doing this for pure political gain, but think about what that really means.  Every party in BC has realized something important about the people of BC.  I suspect their internal polling is telling them all that the pipeline is a political bomb.  -almost like Obama with Keystone.  A no-brainer with no brain brave enough to try and calm their fears. 

Then there is the inevitable and odious pronouncement of complete success that comes with every political meeting.  While I do admit that it was impressive to see every province lined up behind Alberta, (even the retards!  -McGuinty, Charest) how can it possibly be called a success?  Consider the exact opposite of what actually went on.  Lets say only Clark and Redford saw eye to eye on the pipeline.  Just for the sake of argument.  Brad Wall is the only leader in the lot, but lets just imagine that's how it went.  Well, the Gateway pipeline would still be game on!  Every stuffed shirt east of the 2nd meridian could be dead set against the Gateway pipeline, but if only BC were on board this country would be go for launch.

For a blog who's raison d'être is all about calling out the political bull crap, I still wish it wasn't such a target rich environment.  The Council of the Federation (of  planets) is the biggest pile of crap since the UN itself. 


bertie said...

The Federal Government has the final say,not the needle junkies and tree huggers from BC.What are they gonna do to stop it??Blow up the pipeline?Have the natives throw up roadblocks?What exactly will they do to stop it?

On the other hand Canada can go another route easily enough with another pipeline.Put a stop to the pipeline that BC has going through Alberta.Put tariffs on all goods coming from and going to BC.

Is this what BC wants?

Alex said...

I wouldn't give them any suggestions but there are plenty of regulatory avenues they can use to make the project unaffordable.

I don't BCers have thought about it realistically all.

Still I hope you are right.

PoscStudent said...

Kathy Dunderdale is pretty great too!

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