Thursday, July 19, 2012

Obama Supports Fracking?

Nope.  It isn't because of the government roads and teachers that make Obama the only reason any business is done at all.

Here is what Obama had to say about fracking:
“Nat­ural gas actu­ally burns cleaner than some other fos­sil fuels,” the Demo­c­ra­tic incum­bent said in reply to an audi­ence ques­tion. “It’s an ideal energy source that we poten­tially could use for the next 100 years.
“So I want to encour­age nat­ural gas pro­duc­tion. The key is to make sure that we do it safely and in a way that is envi­ron­men­tally sound.”
The prac­tice pop­u­larly called “frack­ing,” region­ally con­cen­trated so far in east­ern Ohio and neigh­bor­ing Penn­syl­va­nia, involves ground injec­tions of chem­i­cally treated flu­ids at high pres­sure to frac­ture shale deposits and free oil and nat­ural gas trapped inside.
“There are a lot of folks right now who are engag­ing in hydraulic frac­tur­ing who are doing it safely,” Mr. Obama said. “The prob­lem is that we haven’t estab­lished clear guide­lines of how to do it safely and to inform the pub­lic, so that neigh­bors know what’s going on. … Look, we are going to work with indus­try to estab­lish best prac­tices. We are going to invest in the basic research and sci­ence to make sure this is done safely and in a way that pro­tects the pub­lic health.
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Interesting that the quote mentions shale oil too.  There could be some formation that is actually viable but most of it isn't recoverable yet.  Commercially recoverable shale oil would see the fact reflected in the markets.

The other mistake is to say that fracking only happens in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  Every well is fracked.  Every single one.  Even old wells get serviced and stimulated with the latest technology.  I've seen figures saying that 95% of wells are fracked today.  I disagree but the disagreement only amounts to a difference in defining fracking.  Fracking is any technique that fractures the rock around the well bore.  Others may get more specific.

If you read my recent post about fracking you would be glad to see the left, at least the leadership, seems to have capitulated.  The facts about fracking are overwhelming.  To be against fracking is to be ignorant.  This is an uncomfortable position for the left as they have spent large amounts of time casting themselves as smart or progressive and morally superior. 

Its nice to see them retreat.

If you like winning arguments with leftards, fracking and drilling are some subjects you may really enjoy.  All they know is what eco-nuts have told them: bullcrap.  They are so convinced they can fit the entire universe into their tiny skulls that they will enter debates armed only with bullet points from an email newsletter.  Annihilating these pretentious snowflakes with nothing but facts is a joy that keeps you smiling long after the encounter.  Read up.  Be ready for your moment of triumph.

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