Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hail to the National Energy Strategy*

Hail to the National Energy Strategy!  Nobody is sure what it is, even today, but its such a slogan. 

These damned Progressives and their nonsense jargon language are repulsive.  They have perfected the art of sounding intelligent, but only to clueless morons.  An intelligent person either sees through this meaningless jabber, or if they're dishonest, goes along with it. 

The National Energy Strategy eh?  What strategy?  Was Christy Clark's pipeline cash grab part of the grand strategy?  I thought Clark and Redford were peas in a progressive pod? That's silly.  Clark has even said that Redford is "silly."

Dalton blamed Alberta for Ontario's problems soon after the little sit down with Redford.  Mulcair went even further and made it NDP policy to cure Alberta's wealth disease, and it took a week for Redford to respond.  Now that is a National Energy Strategy.

How's the Keystone pipeline coming along?  Exactly.  This is so strategic I can't even understand how it looks just like another utter failure by the PC government.  Have they been mentioning unsettled science?

The best thing Redford could say to this brazen cash grab is:  "It's not how Canada has worked, it's not how Canada has succeeded and I'm disappointed to hear the comment."

Me, I'm just too cynical to believe any of it.  Perhaps these two progs in a pod are just manufacturing some headlines for free publicity. 

An honest Premier would call BCs bluff.  This sort of politicking should be discouraged.  It should have a cost associated with it.

Instead they will throw ridiculous statements at each other until after the BC election.  Then the pipeline will go through and BC will get the spoon of sugar they were always going to get.  Only this way Clarke and Redford will get to claim a victory of negotiation.

Maybe.  Or maybe they are bumbling in the dark.  No plan.  No strategy.  Just smart sounding buzzwords.  They don't know what is going on.

I have a feeling Clark won't be there after the election.  I think we should be looking at ways to make the BC government uncomfortable in its demands from the get-go.  Daniel Smith would have been the better person for this and Albertans will know it before the next election.  Incompetence and failure are the hallmarks of progressive politics.

*sarcasm in the extreme.


Anonymous said...

It means Harper Redford sell the oilsands companies to China.

Archie said...

Clark is toast, and the NDP is even nuttier in BC. It's best not to ruffle any feathers until after the election in BC, then make a deal. Clark and Dalton will say or do almost anything to stay in power, anyone with half a brain can see this.

Anonymous said...

National Energy Strategy means government. Government means bureaucrats. Not good.

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