Friday, July 27, 2012

Wildrose is Gay

The brilliant Andrew Breitbart asked this very obvious question and Wildrosers should think about it.
Rick “scribbler” Bell had an interesting scoop the other day on Daniel Smith’s interview with a lesbian group.  (here is her responseApparently it seemed like she committed the party to the very sex change funding we have right now.  –Funding that was canceled by the Progs and then reinstated to presumably draw the ire of homophobes. 
The troubling news is that the PCs believe their own propaganda.  You can’t make good decisions if your model of the world is flawed.  The progs will find themselves surprised again and again.  I’ll expand on this another time, though the day will come when PC delusions come due with interest.
But today I’m talking about the Wildrose Party.  Today I’m soul searching.  See I’m a believer in Democracy.  The people are always right.  As terrible as Obama is, Americans could not rightly reward the incompetence of the Bush administration.  I wouldn’t have.  So why was the corruption and incompetence of the Alberta PC party rewarded?
One reason was the old fears brought to light by a Christian preacher’s old blog.  You remember the “lake of fire” hoopla I’m sure.  I didn’t care.  Surprise, a priest believes in his religion.  -But it did give credence to the old lies about the right.  We’re all Nazis didn’t you know.
So is this what the Wildrose is?  Am I the one with the flawed world view?  Have I believed my own propaganda?  Have I hitched my wagon to a Nazi train?  This is the question the electorate has asked us Wildrosers.
No!  The answer is no.  -Emphatically no.  -Obviously no.  -At least for my part.  I can’t be a party to anything that would make the answer to any of the above questions a yes.
I’m an Atheist.  Outnumbered by even Gay believers (I think).  Atheist conservatives are a super-minority; a minority of a minority.  I’m not interested in oppressing anyone.  The way leftist Atheists behave, we’ve got some oppression coming to us.  Force belief on someone else and you open the door to some belief being forced on you.  If you don’t own your own mind, what can you own?
So when a preacher preaches about something that has no bearing on the here and now.  So?  What of it?  It’s like he’s gay.  Your sexual preference has no bearing either.  Government is about the here and now and about the future in the real world.  Sex and the afterlife have as much to do with good policy and good government as the colour of my socks.
Let me say this then: Wildrose is Gay.  We’ve got a pretty pink flower as our symbol.  So?  Problem?  We talk the talk.  If we don’t walk the walk, that in a nutshell is the idea of the hidden agenda slur.  Do not tolerate these insults. 
We are here to free the markets.  We are here to unleash the creative spirit that is a benefit to all mankind.   We are here to give each individual their own life and destiny back to them.  That is what Wildrose is and it includes all sexual orientations and all belief systems.
Bigots and liars who say otherwise be damned –in the here and now.

note: I'm strait.  I may have made it ambiguous but again it doesn't matter unless we are talking about sex now does it?


dmorris said...

You're "strait"? Which strait,Georgia,Hecate, Bering? ( just having some fun,don't take it seriously)

I,too, am an atheist, but am not a fanatic about it.If someone proves me wrong, fine,I can live with it. Most politicians I believe,are really atheists,but have to proclaim their "belief" in order to not offend the religious,who DO make up a significant percentage of the voters. If they ARE truly Believers,you certainly can't tell by their actions, which ignore all the rules of every religion extant,except the religion of self-worship.

The Alberta election,from the viewpoint of an outsider from B.C.,(me) swerved off on a tangent that shouldn't have had any bearing on it.

Unfortunately, the media seems to have created even more sacred cows than there were in the allegedly unenlightened past,and the most prominent among the herd is the "gay" sacred cow.

I suppose it's the overwhelming influence of Hollywood,which has cloaked homosexuality in robes of respectability,which it's practitioners deserve no more than any other "group".

The media has forgotten Martin Luther King's admonition, the hope that some day a person would be judged on his character,not on his skin color,or,I might add, his sexual preference.

Alas, Mr.King dream has never come to fruition, and it seems it never will. Gays have travelled from being,undeservedly,pariahs, to a class that can almost do no wrong,and neither mode serves anyone except the terminally aggrieved in the gay community.

I wish political Parties could leave aside the minor issues,and concentrate on providing us with the essentials,free trade,defence,the right to work, the right to bear arms,etc.,in short,all the rights guaranteed to EVERYONE EQUALLY in the Constitution,and each candidate could run on his ABILITY and experience,not on the trendiness of his views on a social issue.

But the arbiters of what's allowed,the MSM, force every candidate to sidetrack into unimportant venues that THEY want to set the agenda for our Country.

So we end up with people like Allison Redford in charge of the most important Province in Canada. I just hope she doesn't screw it up too badly.


Alex said...

Awesome comment. Very glad to see I'm not alone in my thinking.

heh strait. Funny what slips past the spell check. I'm Hetero.... or str8. Old word, new meaning. I'll take your word that its spelt the same way as the antonym of bent.

Riverman said...

"Atheist conservatives are a super-minority; a minority of a minority."

Well how about that, I'm not alone. Great blog, bookmarked!

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