Sunday, September 30, 2012

Free Khadr!

That's right set him free... in the middle of Hudson's Bay or anywhere at 10,000 feet less a parachute.

Seriously though.  Why should Khadr's return make us so angry?  That is the real question.  What does it matter where this character is kept?  -Guantanamo. -Club Ed. -Alert. -Hell.  All of these are great places to keep Omar Khadr.

The trouble is that deep down we know that plans are being drawn as you read this to free that worthless scum.  You know it.  The trouble is that we don't trust our "Justice" system to keep him locked up at all. 

The American government does not trust their own "Justice" system, hence the creation of Guantanamo in the first place.  Guantanamo is under US control but outside of a judge's jurisdiction.  Even the Obama administration has stumbled upon some vital truth about Guantanamo terrorists to make them go back on their pre-election promises to close the place.  I don't really blame them for tossing this hot potato at us. 

What the left is planning to do is to make Omar Khadr into the next Maher Arar.  The big difference being that while Arar was innocent, Khadr is an actual Al Qeada terrorist with blood on his hands.

Right and wrong don't matter in politics or law, at least with the enemy.  They won't hesitate to turn this evil-doer into the victim.  Romeo Dallaire is pioneering this approach calling Khadr a "child soldier." 

I'm sorry but Dallaire has a screw loose.  Thank you for your service and all of that, but service has become a bit of a participation trophy in our society.  I greatly admire many of the brave men and women who serve but any one of them can tell you that not every one who ever wore a uniform deserved to.  I'm sure you can think of at least one person who didn't deserve the privilege.

The Liberal government that made Romeo Dallaire sit there and watch a genocide has created an individual so riddled with guilt he sees the cause of Omar Khadr as some kind of personal redemption.  What kind of mental scars could be so deep as to advocate the freedom of an enemy traitor let loose in your own country?  Dallaire is the victim and he doesn't even know it.  This is along side the very same bastard politicians who did it to him.  I simply can't imagine that kind of pain.  I don't want to imagine it, but there it is. 

One of those bastards is our old friend Bob Rae.  Rae once called the staffers of the PMO terrorists.  Law abiding, tax paying, loyal sons of Canada are terrorists to Bob Rae, but an actual terrorist like Omar Khadr is just a victim.

Khadr is a grenade throwing, bomb making killer victim.  This is the line they will use to set him loose, but it gets worse.  The same line will be used to give him a great big tax payer cheque.  Betraying your country, killing our allies, possibly killing our own troops with road side bombs, can win you the lottery in this country.

Good people can toil away their whole lives and not win as big as the left wants Khadr to win.  It makes me want to find Galt's Gulch.  I love myself too much to try and impose justice on this scum bag but I can't pay taxes to Omar Khadr.  I can't.

I just came home from Texas yesterday.  Believe it or not the subject of Omar Khadr happened to come up during my trip.  They had never heard of him but they spied something on my desktop that prompted them to ask "who's Omar Khadr?"  When I finished telling them, they completely agreed with me.  Every breath Khadr takes is stolen from the good people of the earth.

It makes me wonder at how easily the left dismisses Khadr's own victims and their families.  Do they not matter because they are Americans maybe?  You have to wonder.  Perhaps the left thinks Americans had it coming?  Don't be afraid to ask these questions.  Goodness knows the enemy bigots will be calling us racists in short order.  

I do realize that whatever happens the Khadr case is a political fork for the Conservatives.  Politically we win, even if we lose.  There is too much emotion bound up in this story.  It's like the Long Gun Registry to the power of ten.  It's sure to energize the base for decades and fuel the angst against a system of law that has totally lost sight of right and wrong.

It all keeps reminding me of a quote I saw on a t-shirt down in the Lone Star State.  

"you may all go to hell and I will go to Texas" - Davy Crockett

It's too damn hot in Texas!  Liberals and assorted leftards will not drive me out of the home I love.  Should I just go back to sleep, forget politics and stay away from large crowds?  No way.  Canada and the good people in it are worth fighting for.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Obama the foreign policy genius

This week should completely and utterly dispel the media myth that Obama is some kind of foreign policy demi-god.  The latest re-imagining of the Obama legend was that the US President has better foreign policy experience than Mitt Romney.

Sure.  If you call experience at getting it wrong something to brag about, then Obama has loads of experience.  Tons.  By that rational he's the worlds greatest economist now too.  -Just by being President.  Why he even killed Osama Bin Laden with his own two hands.  Biden was in the room man!  They should give him all the Nobel Prizes next year. 

After all that bowing and apologising to the middle east what hath Obama wrought?  Chaos! Terrorism!  Look at this map they showed on Fox earlier.  It's a map of the unrest since September 11th 2012.

Genius.  Pure genius. 

The mindless and despicable media boosters conveniently overlook the serious implications of coordinated murderous terrorist attacks.  Instead they repeat the thinly veiled propaganda that its all about some dumb video. 

I haven't seen the video myself because from what I've heard it's a total waste of time.  It could have been produced by high school kids.  In actuality it was produced by an Egyptian accused of fraud and has a previous conviction of producing crystal meth. 

The Obama administration's response to all this went something like:
"sorry. sorry. Sorry. Sorry! SORRY!"

Genius.  YouTube has done a better job of explaining America to the rioting savages.  America did not make any video but they apologized for it.  An apology for something you didn't do is still a lie.  Should the barbarians ever come to understand how this stupid video was allowed to be made, they will at once understand the craven cowards that now hold the US presidency.

Billy-Boy Clinton had his embassy attacked once by terrorists.  His response was to lob some cruise missiles into the city.  He killed some random people who likely had nothing to do with the bombing and let the whole thing fester.  Eventually it all led to 9/11, and then back to this week again. 

Good thing Hillary is on it.  The savages chant: "Mon-i-ca! Mon-i-ca!" when she comes around. 

What a crack foreign policy team they have there.  That video was from July of this year.  Obama is going to need a lot of missiles. 

I'm sure this is all just part of the 8 year plan.  There weren't enough apologies.  The bows weren't solemn and deep enough.  Obama was just getting to part where he kisses the feet or Arab leaders and wears a special presidential shoe-hat.  That is when the Muslim world will finally show some respect and decency to America.  Just give him more time. 

US foreign policy just appears to be in shambles.  The US economy just appears to be a total disaster.  He isn't finished yet.  Just get wasted and cast your ballot for team Obama and you wont feel a thing. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy to be Canadian

I have to say thank you to the Harper Government.  Thank you to all the Conservative Ministers and Members of Parliament.  You make me glad, relieved really, to be so privileged as to hold a Canadian Citizenship.

Thank you.

Thank you especially to Jason Kenny, Minister for Citizenship and Immigration.  Jason Kenny first got my attention for amending immigration materials to include expectations of tolerance in our society.  More recently, thank you for cancelling fraudulent citizenships for people who wish to abuse our privileges without committing to our society.  Well done. 

Thank you of course to Stephen Harper, our Prime Minister.  These happy years of steady leadership have been a blessing and a boon to all Canadians.  I'm not surprised he has been named "Statesman Of The Year."  I have long regarded Stephen Harper as best Prime Minister in many decades, possibly the best in a century.  We have not  only weathered this economy, we have thrived in it.

We notice how responsible and prudent the Harper Government has been. 

Take the closing for relations between Canada and Iran?  Talk about proactive.  After the US Ambassadors murder and the storming of 2 US Embassies, on September 11th no less, the prudence of the Harper Government is clear. 

Now take this private members bill C-377.  It makes Unions divulge their spending details.  Sounds innocent enough but it seems to have kicked up a hornet's nest with the Unions.  A great teacher of mine used to say: "a guilty conscience pricks the mind."  How true.  This innocent bill now seems essential.  May nothing stand in the way of its careful passing.  I'd like to know what is so important to hide?  Please include appropriate penalties for fraud or evading the new law. 

Perhaps it will clear the way for optional union membership one day?  This is what real 'Hope' looks like.  Hope for continual improvement of the country, even hope for better unions.  Who could argue that a union made of involuntary members would be as good to it's members as one where members could leave?  Heck I'd like to see unions compete for members.    

We only have to look south to see how lucky we are here; though we could look anywhere.  We are so lucky to have the responsible Harper Government manage the care and conservation of this great country.

Thank you all.  I sleep soundly as the storm rages.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Why the Bank of Canada Cares if Corporations are Hoarding Cash

The first time Mark Carney advised cash heavy Canadian corporations to release more of their reserves conservative bloggers and mainstream pundits roundly criticized him.
The tone was one of indignation.  ‘How dare a central banker give advice to private business,’ at length they all had to say.  Maybe it was a reaction to the MSM framing the advice as an admonishment to business.  It certainly wasn’t an order.  The BOC has no authority to give such orders.
When the punditocracy over reacted to the perceived chiding they missed the real story.  This is the reason the BOC was out there giving that same advice again yesterday.
The question nobody is asking is why are corporations hanging onto cash?  Why would you build up a store of cash or a store of anything?
This isn’t rocket science.  People, corporations, governments, and ant colonies, hoard resources when they expect scarcity in the future.  Our corporations are half expecting cash to be scarce.  That is to say they are afraid of the uncertain world economy.  They aren’t sure if the money they have now is the only money they will ever see.
I watched one of those faux debates about this on Lang and O’Leary.  Amanda Lang actually suggested that the government should force corporations to raise wages if they hoard cash.  All O’Leary could say was “don’t even try Amanda don’t even try”.  What O’Leary should have tried to say was that forcing corporations to spend money against their own interest is exactly what they are so afraid of.  Imagine Mulcair or some other well meaning idiot tried to legislate Lang’s idea?  Forget hiring new people they can’t afford.  Forget re-investing in their business for fear of being short come payroll.  This kind of thinking sends a chill through the economy as people and business hunker down to wait out the storm.  -or die in it. 
I said corporations are holding onto cash couple of weeks ago myself.  (before Mark Carney I might add.  I’m not always right, but I like to be right)  I did no research.  All I had to go on were my own instincts.  You may scoff at that, but instincts can be entirely rational.  Fear of economic uncertainty is entirely rational so long as Barack Obama remains president.
Obama is an unfolding disaster.  Only a Marxist could spend a trillion dollars with nothing to show it but bankrupt solar companies and half a pipeline.  He’s scorned his allies and encouraged America’s adversaries (not his personal adversaries, Putin endorsed Obama… and Assad). 
Fear is pervasive in the business community.  If you want to know what uncertainty looks like, watch this video of Obama.

Inspires confidence doesn’t he?
Europe is in trouble but I believe their days of stupidity are behind them at least.  It’s all about consequences for them now.  Surely Americans will see the folly in following Obama down that hard cul de sac road.
Obama is a disaster for America, for Canada and for the entire world.  The economy really does pivot entirely on the November election.  Democrats are running on a “hard road” of lowered expectations through a “great recession” which I’m sure they will deliver if they are allowed. 
Republicans will have a Romney boom that you can take to the bank.  The Republican White House will be rational rather than ideological for once.  They will not spend money on mystical environmental wishes nor will they block private money from being spent for practical purpose.  They will not pass thousands of pages of sweeping transformative and encroaching legislation that includes the highest tax hike on the middle class ever.  Their focus will be the economy first and foremost as it is here in Canada with its quantifiable successes.  Investors will have the confidence to invest and away we go.  Happy days for all.
So we have before us two vastly different futures.  A continued Obama presidency where he has the “flexibility” to create a community organizer's paradise is one where corporations will need to hoard and hide every dollar from the government.  Obama is an existensial threat to business.
A Romney government will produce the opposite.
This is what the Bank of Canada governor is really concerned about.  Everybody has a pile of money waiting for Obama’s exit.  If he does indeed exit, all that money, all that stimulus and quantitative easing will hit the street at the same time.  It’s common knowledge what happens then: inflation.
Suddenly money is everywhere and everyone is spending it.  All manner of goods become scarce and the price goes up.  Inflation is a problem currently, so imagine how it would be if the US got out of its socialist slump?  The Fed and the BOC would have no choice but to start destroying all the money they printed.  The only way to do that is to raise interest rates or see the currency lose much of its value.  Econ101.
Carney thinks Obama is hooped and so do I.  He’s right to encourage businesses to invest while the currency still has the power it does.  Money won’t be so cheap when things get better.  I think they even understand this but aren’t so sure.  Democracy is funny sometimes.  -Dangerous other times.  I can count 2 provincial elections so far that should have been a sweep for the opposition but somehow they weren’t.  Wasteful, corrupt lying crooks have managed to hold onto Ontario and Alberta when by all rational assessments they really should not have.
So hold your money if you want to be safe from Obama.  Risk it if you want to win with Romney.  Freedom is your ability to choose your own path based on your own perception of the future and the environment.  It is not freedom from good advice.  My advice would be to support Mitt Romney any way you can.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Quebec Election ends with Terrorism

1 person has been murdered at the PQ election celebration. That makes it terrorism. Its not just a crime, its a politically motivated crime.

It was a shocker. "What happened! Where did she go?"

A politician doesnt skip the moment of glory. It must have been a security problem. Marois was there ranting about separation and then she was gone.

The news kept getting worse after that.

First the crowd was told someone fired some blanks. A lie to keep order. You can't yell fire in crowded theatre. I guess you can't yell fire in burning theatre either.

Later we found out about the fire the terrorist had set and the person he shot.

Very sad. A terrible start to a divisive and confrontational minority government.

Then there is the quote picked up by the french CBC. "The english are rising" he is thought to have shouted.

I have my doubts. It doesnt smell right.

I've never heard of militant anglos before. It seems to me that vastly outnumbered people would side with the rule of law. What exactly would armed rebellion accomplish?

No rational person would do something like this. Remember this is the same city that gave us the Luca Magnotta horror. He made some grusome political statements as well.

A person could be both insane and politically active. Think of Charlie Manson. Manson went around killing white people to provoke a race war.

Could the PQ shooter be a looney separatist looking to instigate a retaliation worthy of the FLQ?

Some would hope.