Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy to be Canadian

I have to say thank you to the Harper Government.  Thank you to all the Conservative Ministers and Members of Parliament.  You make me glad, relieved really, to be so privileged as to hold a Canadian Citizenship.

Thank you.

Thank you especially to Jason Kenny, Minister for Citizenship and Immigration.  Jason Kenny first got my attention for amending immigration materials to include expectations of tolerance in our society.  More recently, thank you for cancelling fraudulent citizenships for people who wish to abuse our privileges without committing to our society.  Well done. 

Thank you of course to Stephen Harper, our Prime Minister.  These happy years of steady leadership have been a blessing and a boon to all Canadians.  I'm not surprised he has been named "Statesman Of The Year."  I have long regarded Stephen Harper as best Prime Minister in many decades, possibly the best in a century.  We have not  only weathered this economy, we have thrived in it.

We notice how responsible and prudent the Harper Government has been. 

Take the closing for relations between Canada and Iran?  Talk about proactive.  After the US Ambassadors murder and the storming of 2 US Embassies, on September 11th no less, the prudence of the Harper Government is clear. 

Now take this private members bill C-377.  It makes Unions divulge their spending details.  Sounds innocent enough but it seems to have kicked up a hornet's nest with the Unions.  A great teacher of mine used to say: "a guilty conscience pricks the mind."  How true.  This innocent bill now seems essential.  May nothing stand in the way of its careful passing.  I'd like to know what is so important to hide?  Please include appropriate penalties for fraud or evading the new law. 

Perhaps it will clear the way for optional union membership one day?  This is what real 'Hope' looks like.  Hope for continual improvement of the country, even hope for better unions.  Who could argue that a union made of involuntary members would be as good to it's members as one where members could leave?  Heck I'd like to see unions compete for members.    

We only have to look south to see how lucky we are here; though we could look anywhere.  We are so lucky to have the responsible Harper Government manage the care and conservation of this great country.

Thank you all.  I sleep soundly as the storm rages.


RJ65 said...

Yes, I would say the best PM since King, possibly including King. Time will tell as Harper's complete story as PM has not been written yet.

The Canadian Government has done much to restore this Country and its reputation. Many good things have been done: immigration reform, foreign affairs, trading agreements, treating provinces equally, supporting our millitary and the gun registry just to name a few. Unfortunately, the government has also let us down on things like fiscal prudence (to an extent), copyright laws, museums to glorify communism, slowness on Senate reform, and a few others. Overall though, we do have the very best of of the current crop of western national leaders!

bertie said...

And many millions of Canadians are happy and proud also.A great post that should be on the front pages of every newspaper in Canada.But sadly Canada is one of the few countries in the world that has an anti Government press.If I was PM i would find a way to shut these bastards down.And perhaps jail a great many of the reporters who lie and make up phony scams and headlines.But for now let us just say GREAT JOB PM Harper,great job Conservative party and god bless our great country Canada.

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