Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Quebec Election ends with Terrorism

1 person has been murdered at the PQ election celebration. That makes it terrorism. Its not just a crime, its a politically motivated crime.

It was a shocker. "What happened! Where did she go?"

A politician doesnt skip the moment of glory. It must have been a security problem. Marois was there ranting about separation and then she was gone.

The news kept getting worse after that.

First the crowd was told someone fired some blanks. A lie to keep order. You can't yell fire in crowded theatre. I guess you can't yell fire in burning theatre either.

Later we found out about the fire the terrorist had set and the person he shot.

Very sad. A terrible start to a divisive and confrontational minority government.

Then there is the quote picked up by the french CBC. "The english are rising" he is thought to have shouted.

I have my doubts. It doesnt smell right.

I've never heard of militant anglos before. It seems to me that vastly outnumbered people would side with the rule of law. What exactly would armed rebellion accomplish?

No rational person would do something like this. Remember this is the same city that gave us the Luca Magnotta horror. He made some grusome political statements as well.

A person could be both insane and politically active. Think of Charlie Manson. Manson went around killing white people to provoke a race war.

Could the PQ shooter be a looney separatist looking to instigate a retaliation worthy of the FLQ?

Some would hope.


Anonymous said...

A looney separatist? I don't think so. More likely an Anglo who has gone off the deep end listening to too much campaign rhetoric and living with language apartheid on a daily basis.
"The Anglos are rising?" No manifesto here; just someone who has snapped with tragic consequences.

oxygentax said...

The National Post is reporting that the shooter was speaking french with an english accent... whatever that's supposed to mean.

Anonymous said...

A very sad day for Canadians. I've always found it a point of pride that, unlike our American cousins, we have never resorted to violence (Wallace, JFK, RFK, Regan, Gifford)to resolve our political differences. Perhaps this is the moment when we lost our innocence.

Anonymous said...

I denounce political violence because it has no place in a civilized democratic society. Having said that I kind of got egg all over my face. Why? Well just look at how Canada allows the growth of radical Islam in Canada for one example. The Khadr family, the Toronto 18, the Shafia family and how we deal with murders, especially serial murders such as Robert Pickton, Russell Williams and Paul Bernardo. So I’m sure that this time they’ll make a real example cause he’s an Englishman! They’ll call it a hate crime, a terrorists attack or whatever in order to appease the minority of some special interest group.

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