Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is Obama Planning to Betray his Environmental Base over Keystone XL?

You can’t trust a turncoat.  Even if they betray their own team to help yours, their loyalty will always be suspect.  The traitor can be redeemed of course, but not with a continuing pattern of betrayal.  The Obama administration has shown a pattern of treachery that has every indication of extending to the Keystone XL controversy. 

Dealing with Obama’s America is treacherous indeed.  For better or worse Mubarak’s Egypt was a US ally that was summarily cashed in.  Same thing with Gaddafi in Libya.  Contrast this with Russia’s embarrassing loyalty to the murderous Assad regime in Syria. 

The rightness or wrongness of those decisions continues to evolve, but the fact remains that the Obama Administration does not place a high value on loyalty.  

America’s closer allies like Israel and the United Kingdom have been publicly snubbed as well.  Nevermind little Mexico who gets to deal with Obama's administration supplying assault weapons to drug cartels.

If the United Kingdom is America’s brother, then Canada is America’s wife.  How does the Obama administration treat its wife then?  The decision to reject the Keystone XL pipeline is a backhand smack across the face. 

We know they need it.  They know we want to give it to them.  No Brainer.  Instead we get the ultimate expression of ‘spite your face’ politics.  Economically speaking, environmentalists would cut off their nose to spite their face.  This is exactly what the Obama administration did when vetoing the Keystone XL pipeline not just once but twice.

There is no question that these decisions were forced by the powerful environmental lobby.  The façade of environmental concern is completely misleading.  Endangering the  Ogallala aquifer is the excuse for the rejection .  Nebraska’s Ogalalla aquifer is not only criss-crossed by thousands of kilometres of pipelines already, it has oil and gas wells that drilled right though the Ogallala to get to the zones below (and fracture them).  None of this was a concern before and it’s not a concern now except in the case of Keystone. 

Bull.  The excuse is bull.  The eco-nuts threatened to pull their ground game for Obama for the next election.  Obama needs them, but just until after November.

The only reason environmentalists want to stop the pipeline is to stop the oil sands and inhibit any devolvement of oil infrastructure.  CO2 from oil is the root of all evil in their earth religion.  For this reason alone were they able to bend a sympathetic Obama to their destructive policies and cancel the Keystone XL. 

Quietly we hear that it’s only temporary.  The Keystone pipeline is only delayed until after the election.  Obama even approved the construction of a portion of the Keystone XL pipeline.  (A pipeline to nowhere?) 

Obama is going to approve the Keystone XL after the election.  Why after the election?    Approving the pipeline after the election allows Obama to mobilize and use the environmental stooges that make up his base.  After the election he can just betray them, or betray the unionized pipeline workers.  We can't be certian what he'll actually do but we can be sure he's lying to at least one of his special interest groups. 

Presidents are limited to 2 terms only.  Obama won’t be facing the voters again.  He just has to make it through this election and he can do whatever he wants.  He can betray anyone he wants.  He’ll say anything to win the election.

It isn’t the first time he has said as much.  When speaking to then Russian President Medvedev, Obama said into a hot mike:

Obama: "This is my last election ... After my election I have more flexibility,"
Medvedev: "I will transmit this information to Vladimir."

 They were talking about missile defence.  Obama is planning to betray another ally, likely Poland. 

American’s would do well to skip the Obama ambiguity and just go with Mitt Romney.  Mitt Romney said he would approve Keystone on “Day One.” On Keystone XL he also said "I will build that pipeline if I have to myself."   It’s a pretty stark contrast to Obama.

 Obama is a treacherous liar.  It looks as though he will betray his own base of environmentalists after the election.  You can’t really be sure though.  The Obama administration encouraged rumours that it will in fact approve the Keystone XL.   What reason is there to believe him?  It only demonstrates what little respect he has for his base of eco-nuts. Are they not paying attention?  (wow they are soooo intelligent) 
American's should fire this liar.  Mitt Romney is the guy they can count on.   



Anonymous said...

.."its looks as though he will betray his own base of environmentalists"....
If your an environmentalist or a Hollywood type with tons of cash to donate and you actually believe Obama will postpone the Keystone pipeline then your an idiot and deserve to be treated as one. This is the great hypocrisy of the Left. They know Obama's lying yet they wont vote for Romney because they say they cant trust him...huh? Should be fun to watch.

Dollops said...

Because environmentalism has no founding principles, no end game, and is consistently inconsistent Obama's "betrayal" would only divert eco-activists to the next campaign. They don't really care about any of their causes - they're in it for the headlines and the warm fuzzies so defeat on one issue is just the excuse they need to get ahead of the debunkers with a new line of protest which will likewise be abandoned after they've had their fun with it.

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