Saturday, August 18, 2012

Anticipating the next round of Presidential debates

You know what?  I'm really looking forward to the US Presidential debates. 

The GOP primary debates were fantastic.  Now we have some very important debates coming up this fall.  Here's the schedule

Romney was never my first pick.  He wasn't my second, third or fourth pick for presidential candidate, but he wasn't my last pick either. 

I'm sure anyone who followed the GOP primary had a sinking feeling that Romney would be the GOP nominee in the end.  Looking back at all the other candidates and considering the very high stakes involved in this next US election, I can't imagine anyone else leading the GOP into the White House. 

I do think the GOP establishment got the message however.  -Loud and clear.  Bigger government is off the agenda.  Paul Ryan is a Tea Party type and Romney's running mate (if you haven't heard and heard and heard).

Somehow I unconsciously expected a progressive imbecile to run with Romney for President and his Vice President.  Its nearly become a tradition for Americans.  Biden, Cheney, Gore, Quayle... all the VP's I can remember living through have been imbeciles.  It's almost like an insurance policy against assassination.  I'm sure the left fantasized about that right up until they realized assassinating GW Bush would have created a President Cheney.* 

I'm thinking the VP debate, Biden vs. Ryan, is going to be amazing.  Ryan has been making excellent speeches about small government and the economy.  Biden has told a crowd of dummies that Republicans are going to "put y'all back in chains!"  Haha!  This is going to be high comedy.  October 11th, 9pm eastern, don't miss it. 

I'll be on the edge of my seat through them all of course. The one I'm really waiting for is going to be the VP debate. I bet ya Biden will skip out on it. 

President Hope&Change has to go.  A prosperous near term future for Americans and Canadians alike hangs in the balance.  The entire world economy hangs in the balance.  Sure we can get by without them Americans, but imagine where we can get together with them?  A Romney win will produce an economic boom.  The Romney-boom.    Money would flow and multiply like a vast sigh of relief from all the places it has gone to hide from Obama and his pack of ideologically insane thieves.  Good times are just around the corner.  I can feel it.  Romney's "Day One" will see to that.  I'm confident that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will put them back on track and we will all benefit from it. 

*I hope the Secret Service is on its toes. Anyone who would consider assassination as a political option would not hesitate to sacrifice one of their own... giving us President Biden. God save Obama!


Anonymous said...

The POTUS debates should be very interesting. Romney performs very well when working from a prepared script, but doesn't seem to handle it well when he's knocked off message. Obama, on the other hand, seems very comfortable in a heated debate. If Romney can stay cool, he'll do well. If Obama gets under his skin, then he's in trouble.

Anonymous said...

if only they were actually going to debate something.

Alex said...

Anon1: The Teleprompter President is lousy off the cuff as well. Romney is Sharp. I can prove that. Whatever his other failings, intelligence is not a problem. Being underestimated by the enemy is a huge advantage.

Anon2: I'm always up for a quality debate. It would be a shame if it were all crap consider the hugely important issues on the table. Thats what I love about Americans. They will go at it head on. In Canada we've seen all the party's agree that talking about the real problems in a debate to be too risky for the children (the people). I do sense a sea change though. 2015 will be a lot of fun.

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