Saturday, September 15, 2012

Obama the foreign policy genius

This week should completely and utterly dispel the media myth that Obama is some kind of foreign policy demi-god.  The latest re-imagining of the Obama legend was that the US President has better foreign policy experience than Mitt Romney.

Sure.  If you call experience at getting it wrong something to brag about, then Obama has loads of experience.  Tons.  By that rational he's the worlds greatest economist now too.  -Just by being President.  Why he even killed Osama Bin Laden with his own two hands.  Biden was in the room man!  They should give him all the Nobel Prizes next year. 

After all that bowing and apologising to the middle east what hath Obama wrought?  Chaos! Terrorism!  Look at this map they showed on Fox earlier.  It's a map of the unrest since September 11th 2012.

Genius.  Pure genius. 

The mindless and despicable media boosters conveniently overlook the serious implications of coordinated murderous terrorist attacks.  Instead they repeat the thinly veiled propaganda that its all about some dumb video. 

I haven't seen the video myself because from what I've heard it's a total waste of time.  It could have been produced by high school kids.  In actuality it was produced by an Egyptian accused of fraud and has a previous conviction of producing crystal meth. 

The Obama administration's response to all this went something like:
"sorry. sorry. Sorry. Sorry! SORRY!"

Genius.  YouTube has done a better job of explaining America to the rioting savages.  America did not make any video but they apologized for it.  An apology for something you didn't do is still a lie.  Should the barbarians ever come to understand how this stupid video was allowed to be made, they will at once understand the craven cowards that now hold the US presidency.

Billy-Boy Clinton had his embassy attacked once by terrorists.  His response was to lob some cruise missiles into the city.  He killed some random people who likely had nothing to do with the bombing and let the whole thing fester.  Eventually it all led to 9/11, and then back to this week again. 

Good thing Hillary is on it.  The savages chant: "Mon-i-ca! Mon-i-ca!" when she comes around. 

What a crack foreign policy team they have there.  That video was from July of this year.  Obama is going to need a lot of missiles. 

I'm sure this is all just part of the 8 year plan.  There weren't enough apologies.  The bows weren't solemn and deep enough.  Obama was just getting to part where he kisses the feet or Arab leaders and wears a special presidential shoe-hat.  That is when the Muslim world will finally show some respect and decency to America.  Just give him more time. 

US foreign policy just appears to be in shambles.  The US economy just appears to be a total disaster.  He isn't finished yet.  Just get wasted and cast your ballot for team Obama and you wont feel a thing. 

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