Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Privatize the CBC

I just read an excellent column in the National Post by Stephen Taylor.  In it he takes a random sample of the CBC's flagship program "The National" and of course finds media bias.  Anyone who isn't an indoctrinated liberal zombie knows about this.  Its been going on for years.  Have a look at some old posts of mine here and here.

The CBC doesn't report the truth.  It makes the truth.  It uses its authority as national public broadcaster to exert political influence for its own socialist agenda.  It may as well get beamed out from the V mothership.   Not only is its message foul and biased, but its practices are an extension of that bias.  One look at its lineup and its plain to see that our very own bailout baby is a an arm of the Liberal party.  What conservatives they do have play the useful idiots.  They have a role because they are chronically unhappy with the government and so serve a Liberal purpose.

Take the case of Frank Graves for example.  We all know about the "Culture War" he thinks is best for the Liberals.  We can all have our opinions.  But the CBC has a pattern of preferentially seeking out Liberal opinions.  Liberal thinkers get big fat paychecks from the CBC, which in turn ends up as donations to the Liberal party.  David Suzuki earned his stripes where?  He didn't earn them studying fruit flys.  He earned them lecturing about things he did not discover for the CBC.  The CBC again elevates their champion by hosting a"Greatest Canadian" show declaring him at least a great Canadian.  The Suzuki Foundation, his child, endorsed the Liberal Party in the last election.  He has many vile quotes against the Conservative Party, and has had many interviews on "The Hour", yet another pro Liberal production. 

Stromboli's "The Hour" frequents guests like Micheal Ignatieff, George Galloway, Hillary Clinton, Stephane Dion and other leading leftards (if you can call that leading).    Strombo himself gives several on air hints about his politics being uniformly Liberal.

All this leaves a great many around this country wondering why we give this institution, The Ministry of Liberal if you will, its annual bailout year after year.  Its obvious that the CBC could not survive as a competitive free market player in its current configuration.  It means that Canadians are funding their own demise.  We know liberal ideas to be as bankrupt as the CBC itself.  Why do the people have to suffer taxes to deliver a poisonous message nobody listens to or wants to hear?

I know.  The next part of this argument is about all the good things the CBC does.  Well lets compartmentalize all that stuff.  CBC sports sounds like a good channel to me.  Anything that can float on its own, should get to float on its own.  Sink the rest.  Lets see how biased and independent they can be when they are really independent.  The CBC is much worse than the huge sum of its parts.

The only innocent reason I can see for all this is that maybe the CBC doesn't do this on purpose.  Perhaps Liberals self select the media and the CBC in particular.  What could be better to a Liberal mind than the illegitimate power that comes from media?  What could be better than state funded media?  Its all a great feedback loop where poison breeds further poison. 

The only possible repentance for the CBC would be to truly change its ways.  Perhaps it could split itself in two.  Well, split itself in four since there are already two CBCs, french and english.  If bias cannot be removed it can either die or roll with it.  Embrace bias and service both views.  Compete against itself.  The only other option  is to have some kind of affirmative action, where Conservatives are given a national voice on par with that of Liberals.  Not just at the business end of a camera but in all departments.

I say the market should decide.


Big Red Magnum said...

Well if we all screamed CBC is biased towards the Conservatives and should be shut down on blogs, in posting in papers and formed a "shut down the Conservative propaganda arm CBC" face book account I'm sure the lemmings on the left would join us, play to their weakness in intelligence and use a Trojan horse.
I realize that would be playing by their rules but hey what the heck it's funner to beat someone at their own game and just look at what one honest article does at any news paper, they jump on the this paper is Conservative biased bandwagon like it's the last boat out of Pompey.
CBC would be dead in a week if we all worked together LOL. to the radio said...

That's a good idea.
But that means more money.
Are we prepared to double up on the CBC?
Maybe we could end up seeing comedies like Little Church in Iran.
Or Ssteven and Chriss doing a show in Afghanistan.

Still, Bizarro CBC would end up killing the CBC.
We might even end up with a culture war.

Hoarfrost said...

Let's just stop funding them and let the chips fall where they may.

Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

Quite honestly CTV has twice the viewership of CBC and liberal.

Anonymous said...

Once again last night the top news story was about Rahim Jaffer. Why?

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