Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What to do with the CBC? Part 2

Its a simple idea really.  I think the CBC should be broken up into specialized parts.  The French part is already its own separate entity so there is nothing to do there.  I'm working on my largely atrophied French skills and occasionally watch CBC in French.  They seem to be very insulated.  They are a closed community within Canada.  A separate nation, and their CBC reflects that.  What news of the country and the world they get is always viewed through their unique perspective.  They are lucky.  I'd leave it alone.  They have achieved the dream.

The rest of us get centralized machine dominated by active Liberals.  (the French CBC is also predominantly Liberal)  Splitting the CBC into parts would not necessarily reduce the Liberal influence but it would be easier to sprinkle the new headquarters across the country.  Separated from their cliques, their bubble would burst in some areas and concentrate in others.  We could even divide it along lines that already exist.  The new Crown entities would lose the CBC logo but retain their functions, staff and facilities.  New channels would include:

1. News Red (for Liberals)
2. News Blue (for smart people)
3. Sports
4. Education & Documentaries
5. Canadian Arts

Each channel would sink or swim on its own.  Government funding should mirror funding from ads.  The poorer a channel does at attracting viewers the less people it will have until its unable to function and its gone.

How do you think they would react to this plan?  It could involve more funds in total than the original CBC with more employees at first.  If all the channels do well and bring in cash for the people, the shareholders, then we keep them all.  If not, then bye bye sold.


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Anonymous said...

I think that there needs to be a CBC.
I just don't like the persistent slant that it broadcasts.
When the world is given climategate emails as a gift from some heroic whistle blower, the CBC trots out the usual suspects who say there is nothing to see here people, move along.

Core functions like local news should be their mandate.

Also, I like CBC Radio.
Shows like Wiretap, the Debaters, the Age of Persuasion, the Vinyl Cafe and Cross Country Check Up are very good and I don't think they would be if not for the CBC.

It's the hard left orthodoxy and editorializing that pisses me off.
It's my broadcaster and it should give me the facts.
If I want spin I can buy the opinions I agree with.

I really wonder who is pulling the strings there.
It's gotten to the point where I think they need a real Purge to reset the channels and start again.

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