Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who is the Puppet Master at the Liberal Party?

Its not Iggy.

Iggy said this today regarding the cabinet shuffle: "The puppets are always there, and they just change the little puppets, but the great leader is still there."

Iggy is not a great leader.  Iggy is a puppet himself.  You can tell because Iggy can't really be described as a self-starter.   He doesn't really take the initiative and get out there do stuff.  He likes to think in the rain and practice smiling.  I hear he can't even show up to work on the right day.

Ever since he lost his own party election and won Dion's historic defeat, I've been waiting for some kind of platform.  Remember when he tried to pull an election without a platform?  Too funny.  Even my high school president promised to make longer lunches. 

A plane might fly on autopilot, but it won't land.  There is a pilot on Liberal Airways 416, but it is not Micheal Ignatieff.  Should I ask the man behind the curtain about a platform? 

What are Liberals about Mr. Donolo?  You are about blaming war crimes on the best troops we can field.  You are about holding back Senate reform and prolonging a dying gun registry.  You are about forcing elections because of some timer you set back when you failed to force one last time.  Oh yes, and don't forget the most important Liberal item of all: You are about more Taxes.

Yup.  Liberals want more taxes.  Its in their blood.  I saw a hint of it today.  Iggy was careful not to say taxes but it was there and he didn't want to talk about it.  Reporters didn't chase him on it, but they are mostly incompetent leftard cheerleaders anyway.


Blame Crash said...

It’s more a question of “which corporations” and what are their ownership percentages of this crooked organization called the Liberal Party. When I say “corporations”, I’m referring to both private and public corporations.

Now, as far as what their platform will be, I know what it’ll be. If they are successful in the upcoming coup attempt, they are going to ape everything that the idiots (AKA Democrats) in the States are doing. Guaranteed.

After all, they are a branch plant of the Democratic Party, aren’t they. The fact that their appointed leader is from there is hardly a coincidence.

Basically, they’ll flood Eastern Canada, Quebec and parts of Ontario with massive amounts of borrowed money. This money will be handed over to all the usual suspects. The Banks, the Media, the deadbeat corporate welfare whores who are so abundant down there, the Eastern Canada Provincial and Civic Governments with maybe Manitoba thrown in for whatever, the Universities, the Unions (especially the government unions) and untold number of community groups and private citizens. Those of us in western Canada will have to settle for our “fair share” which will be the one fingered Trudeau salute. It’s better than nothing I guess.

Basically they’ll be buying off anyone dumb enough to trade in democracy for a piece of gold. Unfortunately, if past experience is to be relied upon, their will be no shortage of takers. Of course the largest “give a ways” will be to the corporate shareholders of the Liberal Party. They’ll all be a head nodding and saying “Fairs Fair”.

Anonymous said...

I believe the puppet master is Power Corp. The Demarias's can't stand not being in control

Spin Assassin said...

Interesting. Never thought about their corporate ties. Why are they always broke then? Oh Wait! Because its illegal to give corporate donations.

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