Thursday, January 28, 2010

PM Harper's Excellent Speech at DAVOS conference

Woe. Many cool ideas are coming up. I am thoroughly impressed with the speech Stephen Harper gave at DAVOS. He won't raise taxes, wants more free trade, and wants Enlightened Sovereignty. I'm in love.

Part of Enlightened Sovereignty, I gather, is the new worldwide banking regulations that every country wanted so badly last year. The PM is going to use the G8 and G20 to bring more Canada to the world. An international regulatory banking system that is built on the Canadian Model would be very very interesting to see unfold.

In a broader sense, Enlightened Sovereignty, is world cooperation on many issues.  The Economic Crisis and now the Haitian Earthquake response are examples of this new way of international politics.  The Copenhagen complaining  conference is not.  NGOs and advocacy groups are inherently negative and poison all discussion with exaggeration, lies, and outright hypocrisy.  Cooperation towards mutual benefit is the path to success.  False blame and revenge is not.  Harper's Enlightened Sovereignty is a beacon in the night.

I am really optimistic about all this. Thanks Stephen Harper, excellent work.


Anonymous said...

Comparing Harper's speech to the drivel last night from the big O was like comparing haute cuisine to a really cold big mac.

Anonymous said...

I guess we'll have to wait 'til after the big "Thinkers Conference" to see if the Libs have an alternative plan err.... make that any plan at all.

Spin Assassin said...

Oh I know the Liberal Plan. TAX AND SPEND. It hasn't changed in years. It will have taken Iffy a whole year to shift Dion's stupid plan to: SPEND! (& tax).

Anonymous said...

Caught the speech on the French news network with a woman interpreting into French most of the speech. Still came across as very concise and with little bullshit, except of course that climate change nonesense. The audience seemed very attentive and appreciative.

Interesting comments from Clinton praising Canada and our government for their support for Haiti.

A prophet is not without honour except in his own country...

Anonymous said...

Harper is a more Prime Minister than politician; more CEO than salesman. The more I see him on the world stage, the more I realize he will be Prime Minister a long time.

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