Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Evil Can Lurk Anywhere

I have to say something about Col. Williams.  Its been a few days since he was charged with first degree murder on two counts.  There might be links to other unexplained incidents too.  Incidents where women were bound and photographed, or sexually assaulted and murdered.

I don't believe the police have it wrong, or that Russel Williams was framed.  He reportedly fully confessed and led police to one of the bodies.  There is also supposed to be a sickening trove of photographs of his crimes.

Three days ago I heard about all of this and for three days I've been struggling to understand the nature of evil and why it should always come creeping back into the world where its least expected.  That is what they have been calling him before they knew who he was: The Creeper.

Col. Williams is very likely a depraved predatory serial killer and rapist.  He was definitely a decorated high ranking officer, Wing Commander, and Commanding Officer of CFB Trenton.  There are photographs of him with the Minister of Defense and the Chief of Defense.  I even heard he flew the Prime Minister around on occasion.  If Canada had nukes, this psychopath would have had the keys.

What does it take to trick everyone for so many years?  He's even got a wife; poor woman.  Believe me DND has the highest standards in choosing officers.  They are subjected to countless tests, known and unknown to them.  They are constantly evaluated.  This man fooled them all.  Nobody is a murderer until they are.  Part of DND's impossible task is to filter out those that might be undesirable.  They failed there and they failed to realize the cold blooded predator in their midst afterward.

Unfortunately this does stain the military and it stains all Canadians.  The lefts accusations of war crimes, be they ever so insignificant and false, are now at least plausible.  If you had told me this story last week I would have thought you got it out of a bad slasher movie.  I might even have been offended.  Not so anymore.  No one can be trusted and no one is safe from evil.

One of the murdered persons was a non-commissioned member.  I'm no legal expert, but does this qualify Col. Williams for a court martial?  I certainly hope so.  The military court no longer has the death penalty.  Paul Bernardo deserves death and Russel Williams will deserve it too if guilty.

I never supported capital punishment before.  In an intellectual way I thought it noble to save 1000 axe murderers to save one innocent life.  I still believe that, but in cases where there is photographic evidence and a confession, its safe to exterminate such filth.

Give Col. Williams a court martial.  We can't execute him for now but at the very least, let the Colonel serve out his sentence at the military prison in Edmonton.  This is how you deal with evil.


Lynn said...

I wondered when someone on the Blogging Tories was going to address this story.

Dr.Robert Hare, one of the psychiatric profession's leading authorities on psychopaths,says that the greatest talent psychos have is fooling the people around them, and Williams certainly did just that. I don't believe it's a "stain" on the Canadian Forces.

When you look at the numbers of people who have served in the CF over the years, millions, there statistically has to be a few bad apples,and Williams is probably the worst,ever.

I am pro-death penalty in cases where there is NO doubt, not "beyond a reasonable doubt", but NONE.

Williams may very well be implicated in other murders near bases where he served. It's possible he's the worst serial killer in Canadian history.

It's too bad he won't face the death penalty.


Spin Assassin said...

I could easily be wrong about the death penalty under Military Law. I heard it a long long time ago. Its probably just one of those helpful myths. Still I hope its true. It should be true at least.

As for the stain. I think we are stained by this. I'm ashamed to be of the same species as this man, let alone the same nationality or any other thing I have in common with him.

Spin Assassin said...

Ah crap! My info is out of date:
The National Defence Act was amended in 1998 to abolish the death penalty in Canadian military law, bringing it in line with Canadian criminal law. Life imprisonment without eligibility for parole for 25 years replaced the death penalty for the most serious offences.

I'll revise my post.

Blame Crash said...

How can you be ashamed of something done by someone so far removed from yourself?

Sorry, but that doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

Spin Assassin said...

Hey that is how I feel. Don't be sorry. You are right that it doesn't make sense. It doesn't have to. Just last week I would have defended that scum to my last breath. Maybe its the depth of betrayal that has me shaken. Then I think of the victims and the absolute terror of their last moments... Its just bad all around. I wish we could execute this dirt bag. There must be justice.

Spin Assassin said...

I'm not the only one feeling this way. The Chief of Defense said this: “Some soldiers have even asked me if they should go out in their uniforms. I said, ‘Stop it. We can't go back, we go forward and we're proud to wear the uniform.'"
I don't wear the uniform, but if they should not feel shame, I won't either.

Thucydides said...

The death penalty was removed from the Queen's Regulations and Orders quite some time ago. At any rate it only applied to crimes like treason.

Crimes like murder are tried in civil, not military courts unless the circumstances involve military action (such as the trial of Captain Semrau).

Even if a military trial is warrented, and the accused is found guilty, then only the first two years (less a day) can be served in the Special Detention Barracks in Edmonton, and the remainder of the sentence in a Federal penetentiary.

Spin Assassin said...

Is that so? Somehow I think this is worse than mere treason. I'll take your word for it. Again, I'm no lawyer. Laws and justice are 2 different things.

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