Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Iggy Salivates over Harpers Statesmanship

I was amused to hear Iggy whine about the Prime Minister today.  Stephen Harper went to Haiti to inspect and facilitate the relief effort there.  This relief effort would not have been possible had the Liberal "decade of darkness" continued. 

Specifically Iggy tried to appeal to his supposed Igg-head audience saying:

“Every time Mr. Harper gets within a mile of Canadian military equipment, he takes a swipe at the Liberal Party. It’s like Pavlov’s dog”
 You might recall that Pavlov did experiments on dogs using a metronome.  He would introduce a stimulus (the 'bell' or metronome) at the same time as delivering food.  The dogs would salivate anticipating the food.  Repeating this situation, Pavlov discovered what is now called Classical Conditioning.  When he started the metronome the dogs would salivate, having learned that food is coming.

What the heck this high browed ivory tower elitist is talking about?  Who is stimulating and who is reacting here?  The military equipment is there because Stephen Harper procured that equipment and then sent it to Haiti.  What did Iggy do?  Whine.

There is a pattern here.  Conservatives govern, Liberals whine.  Stimulant, learned response. 

The funny part is that Iggy is talking to his people about Pavlov.  He is talking to the intelligentsia base that is supposed to be made of unwavering Liberals.  Either he doesn't know what Pavlov was about or he thinks his audience doesn't know.  Its probably both, but that crowd would be happy if a real dog was appointed Liberal Leader.

If you can learn any lesson from professor Igg-head today, its that when Liberals whine, Conservatives are getting the job done. 

-one more thing.  Its ok to swipe at liberals at any time and in any format.  We don't suffer fools like they do.


The_Iceman said...

Here, here brother!

Bec said...

Ya, I agree. What the he!! is he using that analogy for as it makes zero sense. 4 years on the job and we finally have some respectability responding to international crisis and disasters.
The Liberals COULDN"T and DIDN'T do it. THAT is worth a few memory jolts and in particular for Ignatieff, he wasn't worried about Canadian responses to anything prior to 5 years ago.

I figure the Prime Minister is simply providing him the "Coles Notes" to fill in the 34 year gap.

wilson said...

There was a time when Iffy called the Liberal 'soft power' being herbivorian boyscouts.....but he didn't live here then.

Has any journalist asked him if he still thinks our flag looks like a beer label?

Anonymous said...

Heh! Beer Lable Boy ain't gettin' any traction. Conservatives rule Liberals drool.
Cheers Bubba

Calgary Junkie said...

I'm trying to make sense out of Iggy's analogy, and the best I can come up with is this:

Harper's schedule-makers are "Pavlov".
Harper is the "dog"
The military is the "bell"
Making a speech is the "food"

So whenever "Pavlov" (Harper's schedule-makers), "leads his dog" (Harper) "to an unknown place" (to do something or other) "Pavlov rings a bell" (walks Harper in front of military forces & equipment). "At which point the dog salivates" (Harper anticipates being able to take a partisan shot at the Libs in a speech) "because he will be fed"

I dunno. I'd have to ask one of Iggy's intelligent friends for some kind of verification. But this is what I make of Iggy's deep thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Iggy's lack of political instincts will be his demise in an election campaign. I'd much prefer PMSH to continue governing but I also secretly can't wait for an election so I can watch the imploding of this wind-bag. How ANY women could tolerate his patronizing drivel is beyond me. I do wish though that we could de-bunk these never ending myths about our leader and this party. I hate it when MPs skirt around accusations made in Harper's general dirction. They should IMMEDIATELY provide proof that the accusation is invalid and offer the goods. I'm tired of the vacuum consistently provided by conservatives that the oppositon is only too happy to fill with bullshit. Canadians need to be educated as to how brutally they are being manipulated and lied to by the media shills. We can't wait till an election campaign to do that.

CanadianSense said...

That is envy because Iffy has no interest in getting sharing the same room with our military.

After dropping GWB for the Liberals he has had to the crying game thing.

L said...

Pavlov was a Russian psychologist and physician. Perhaps Iffy's analogy makes sense if you translate into Russian:-) Most Canadians would say " ... like a moth to the flame". Behavioural conditioning was in vogue when Iffy (probably) took Psych 101 at university in the late '60s, just before he moved abroad. At that time, we were welcoming draft dodgers, so Iggy is probably scared of the military. His family had to run away.

Gary E said...

Frankly I don't think the Liberals or the Cons have done a whole hell of a lot for the general population. In case others have forgotten the general population are those who elect them.
If tubby ever gets a majority we as a country are going to be in deep trouble.

Spin Assassin said...

And what is it you would like done Gary? I believe they are acutely aware of us voters and a when enough of them trust "tubby" enough to finally give him a majority THEN you'll see some real improvements.

Something tells me you aren't comming along for the ride. See I beleive this country is in big trouble. Trouble you don't terribly feel because of the astute choices made by our fine government. The rest of world is feeling it and they will be giving their leftard leaders the boot any time now to be more like Canada.

Anonymous said...

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