Friday, March 21, 2014

A Hopeful Vision for Alberta

Danielle Smith never fails to inspire me.  The mark of a good leader is that she truly brings out the best in people.  Danielle Smith has that quality in spades.

After listening to this speech in Calgary the other day I can't remember why I was so angry at that other leader.  The last few years of politics in Alberta now seem like a bad dream in stormy weather.  That PC weather is blowing itself out of here.  Wildrose will clean it all up with a sunny smile one day soon.

I met her in person at the Manning Center last year.  She really listened.  I'm not just saying that.  We only spoke about my riding but I could see how my input was important to her.  I'm just a regular person she didn't know anything about.  That's how I know deep down that I'm with the right party.  We have just the right person in Danielle Smith to lead Alberta.


Joe said...

Well there's half an hour I'll never get back again. What a waste of time. Platitudes and bromides abound but nothing to hang your hat on. Anyone who says, 'We will be the government of all Albertans' does not deserve to be in leadership. BTW this comment is submitted by someone who voted WR last time and due to lack of real alternatives will likely vote WR again next time. Unless I decide to stay home out of sheer boredom.

Alex F said...

Is there someplace that refunds half an hour? I watched it free on my Xbox while jogging on an elliptical so I think I came out the winner.

I also happen to like platitudes and bromides coming from Danielle Smith because she actually means them. Nothing annoys me more that prog speak. -like saying you have "profound optimism" when quitting the Premiership. Yeah sure, tell me another one. -like the budget is balanced. There is big difference.

I assume you find Nuts & Bolts interesting and there will be plenty of that at the appointed time. I think we already have all the Nut & Bolts types on board. We need to bring everyone else along too and that is why I love this speech. It goes to the heart... if you let it. We need more of that. We're are good people and we have to show it. The enemy will be lying their faces off and you can hang your hat on that. We aren't going to let them paint a big lie about us as people because all we want to talk about is policy.

Anyway I apologize if you thought you were going to see something different.


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