Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Conservatives are right about Trudeau

Trudeau got himself back in the spotlight yesterday.  Legacy media outlets pumped up the supposedly scandalous profanity while simultaneously asking why its a scandal at all and praising his use of commoner vulgarity. 

All of it is actually kind of funny if you've learned to parse Media Party's propaganda.  They know trouble when they see it and instinctively they were running cover for their dear Shiny Pony.  That is perfectly fine with me.  By pushing the profanity angle in the hope of a Ford Nation type public approval they also draw attention to what else Trudeau said.

How Trudeau thinks of himself is by far the more interesting aspect of his vulgar speech

"Not your name, your fortune, your intelligence, your beauty; none of that fucking matters."
While everyone obsesses about a vulgar, semi-taboo, ultra clich√©, adverb that we've all resorted to at some point, take a look at the actual meaning of the sentence.  Trudeau is talking about himself in a boxing ring.  He's listing all of the things he thinks he's got going for him.

"Your name."  Trudeau's name is all of Trudeau.  No one thinks for a second that if his name was Bieber or Timberlake that he would have even been considered for Liberal Leader let alone Prime Minister.

"Your fortune."  Trudeau inherited a fortune.  He's never known hardship.  He's never worried about bills and taxes.  He's never cared where the next paycheck will come from.  This is what allows him to say things like "The Budget will balance itself."  Trudeau has never had to balance a budget.  They always just balanced themselves. 

"Your intelligence."  I'm not going to say Trudeau is a stupid person.  He may have some stupid ideas but the reason we are examining his words is to better understand boy Trudeau.  His intelligence is irrelevant even if it isn't that great.  The key here is that Trudeau thinks he is intelligent.  He thinks he's intelligent enough to subconsciously rank it third in his internal list of super qualities.  I would say that he thinks he's very intelligent.  Who in his circle will tell him otherwise?  Most of us have empirical evidence of our intelligence in our finances.  Trudeau has no such source of humility and is set to overreach. 

"Your beauty."  He's right.  He is good looking but Trudeau is also a vain man.  It's unbecoming for women to talk about their own beauty.  When a man does it, stomachs turn.   Trudeau is very much aware of his "beauty" and considers it one of his main strengths as a politician.

Then on Monday Marissa Simkew, a gorgeous Sun News journalist, asked Trudeau a hard question.  She wanted to know exactly who are the "middle class" that Trudeau talks about so much.  He didn't know.  He made some generalization about people who work for a living so Miss Simkew asked again saying "I'd like a number."  At this point Trudeau stared off into oncoming headlights and said "...like a number..." 

I imagine many of you reading this are thinking he said "...like a number..." as in "...like a number...what's a number?"  I saw it differently.  He was thinking phone numbers.  There was Trudeau yesterday on the very edge of cracking a joke about Miss Simkew wanting Trudeau's phone number.  Trudeau's entitled and arrogant foolishness took him right to the precipice of another disaster to which he only narrowly and dimly averted.  That is who we are dealing with.  By his own account he has confirmed everything we thought we knew about him.

This is why it pays to truly understand your enemy.  Understanding how a narcissistic trust fund boy like Trudeau thinks of himself is the key to his entire personality and decision process.  Lucky for us its actually pretty easy when it comes to Trudeau. 

How stark is the comparison with The Right Honourable Stephen Harper.  Every legacy media opinion pusher has a new Theory of Harper each week.  Harper is Richard Nixon.  Harper is Mike Duffy.  Harper is Rob Ford.  Harper is Vladimir Putin.  I'll give you one guess who Harper is today.  Right.  Harper is Kathleen Wynne.  I won't bother pointing you to it.  I read it in the same paper by the same author who yesterday said Harper was Dalton McGuinty. 

It hardly matters who they think Stephen Harper is today or tomorrow.  The point is they do not understand Stephen Harper.  They do not understand because they refuse to understand.  The Media Party is projecting rather than observing.  Understanding Stephen Harper means accepting the worst case scenario for the Media Party.  Stephen Harper is not only the best, most skilled, most competent and genuine Prime Minister in the history of Confederation but very likely the best we will have for many years to come.

This is why we win.  Some people will only see it once its lost.  I'm confident they will stay blind for a long time yet.


fhl said...

this is another very disturbing reason to question Justin Trudeau's judgement he stated he admires China
China urges de-Americanized new world order
hooey change is not working for the USA
Canada needs a strong leader PM Harper is a very strong leader

E Mac said...

Bang on.

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