Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Jim Prentice had better consider being Opposition Leader as well

Jim Prentice is mulling over joining the battered Alberta PC Party.  He's going to have to leave a  nice gig with the Banksters, that is a Bank, to do it.

I have to wonder if he'll stick with it though.

Allison Redford won against all odds.  She succeeded to convince many Albertan's that a party who has been lodged in power for 40+ years (who's counting at this point) is not the very definition of the "Old Boys Club" of Parties.  She promised to spend, spend, spend, and wow did she deliver.  Fortunately/unfortunately she thew so much money in the trash she ended up throwing her self out with it.  Princess Allison made herself a story only the Bothers Grimm could write.

Jim Prentice though had a good career as a federal Tory.  I lived in his riding.  I handed out flyers for him.  I even met him once at a pancake breakfast.  I think I scared him actually.  I wore a red Vancouver 2010 shirt that day, just a shirt that was red, and he seemed taken aback.  I sure stood out among all the blues but I was making a small point to be honest.  The point was that Liberals don't own the colour red any more than they are going to own the Olympics.  He didn't get it.  Oh well.

Does Mr. Prentice get that the PC Party does not own Alberta?  Does he realize that while he might be premier for 12 months or less he might soon be Opposition Leader?  Would he stick around for that?  -for the people of Alberta presumably?  Or will he go back to his cushy job with the Bankers and work Bankers hours with Bankers salary?  Allison, a UN Lawyer, would love that kind of life.

Does Mr. Prentice realize that he would be hitching his cart to a Liberal Party?  Oh yes they are.  Stephen Carter, the magician who fooled so many Albertans is pulling for Justin Trudeau now.

I never had anything against the Alberta PC Party until the last election.  They lost their way.  They were simply unfit for government.  That isn't terrible.  Most people are unfit for government.  Myself included.  It's not the end of the world to be voted out.  That changed last time around.

Stephen Carter's dishonest campaign and Allison Redford's disgusting follow up as premier have insured that I will never vote Progressive for as long as I live.   Not even Stephen Harper himself could ever get me to vote PC.  The Progs must go and that is all.

The PC Party has simply been in power too long.  It cannot be fixed by rewarding it with power yet again. They promised to change and they were worse than ever.  The government of this province is sick and surly like a heroin addict that refuses rehab.  A long winter off of the intoxication of power is just what the doctor ordered for the PC Party.

Will Jim Prentice be there to give the medicine and care the PC Party needs to get over their corruption?  Or is he just visiting?

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Jack Allore said...

Just visiting I think.

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