Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday in Canada

In just about a year from now there will be a fevered federal election campaign on.  The Media Party will breathlessly discover that Stephen Harper is an awful person who just needs one more majority win to finally poke the eye of every Canadian like he always planned.  Meanwhile they will use up their last excuses for poor wealthy famous Trudeau.  Its going to be a lot of fun.

There is no way I'm going to sit out the silly season.  Nothing is more enjoyable than sniping the bullshit that comes out of politicians and legacy media. That is the whole reason for this blog.  That is the reason I'm back.

Where did I go?

Well I've become a father.  My Boy is one!  He walks.  He throws things down the stairs, and feeds the dog from his high chair.  He calls me "Papa" though I never taught him to say that.  He just knows things somehow.  He is the BEST!

I've also been filling my time with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general.  For a libertarian computer nerd like myself Bitcoin is a dream come true.  Beyond the Austrian economics of a decentralized currency there is the technology of decentralization itself that is just utterly fascinating.  Bitcoin works.  The technological miracle of the blockchain is even now being adapted for other uses.  Developers are building decentralized exchanges, organizations, prediction markets, file storage, and so on.  We could have decentralized facebook and twitter.  We could have decentralized governments!  -decentralized justice!  Why stop at decentralized banking?

Centralized systems like banks, governments, media, academia or courts can be captured and directed into an agenda against their own users.  How many times have we seen this happen?  Its the normal way of things.  Its so normal people are afraid of a better way.

Our way is based on discreet units of value agreed upon by every node in the system equally.  -And we don't need anyone's permission to do it.  We are just going to do it.  We don't need or want government to do anything but watch. It will be marvelous.

Its a new day in Canada.  We can be proud of our PM, our party and our government.  All three are the best this country has ever known and we aren't even done yet.  There is a lot of excellent work to do.  We have a nation to save from a jug headed prince and a world that needs us to be strong.  Lets fire it up!

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