Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Trudeau Passes Judgement On Sluts To Avoid Questions

Oops!  Justin Trudeau does not like sluts at all.  When Ezra Levant referred to Trudeau Sr. as a slut because of his well known promiscuity the media's darling prince had had enough.

The Liberal Party's Justin Committee has jumped into action on behalf of the greatly offended Liberal Heir.    The brain behind Trudeau, Gerald Butts, showed his outrage at the speed of committee five days after Ezra's show.

Actually he doesn't seem that offended.  He even seems more interested in using Ezra to tarnish small c conservatives.  As if they aren't trying to do that anyway.

Ah lefty politics; where offence is but a tactical ploy.  The fact is that Justin cannot handle tough questions.  This is a desperate excuse to sidestep.  He's been running from Sun News long before Ezra's Monologue on the 15th.  

I say take Butts up on his offer.  Bring him on the show.  Sun News is not the CPC and if the Liberal Party wants to spend its energy on Sun News, please oblige them.  Become the very center of their campaign.  It would be like the CPC focusing on the CBC instead of the Liberals.  Talk about stupidity.  Imagine Harper taking valuable campaign air time for shots at Mansbridge?

I don't think they understand what they are dealing with in Ezra Levant.  The man thrives on controversy.  He's not running for office.  He doesn't care if some spacey leftards and union bosses don't like him.  Its all upside for Ezra and Sun News.

Huffington Posts resident Trudeau booster quoted someone else from The Justin Committee who said Ezra's monologue was "a personal attack on the Trudeau family that was offensive and breached any reasonable measure of editorial integrity." The re-thinker of space and time himself said Ezra was “beyond the bounds of civil discourse.” This coming from Trudeau who once screamed "Oh! You piece of shit!" to an elected member of government while Parliament was in QP session. 

For all of this to be logically consistent "slut" would have to be orders of magnitude worse than a "piece of shit" in the minds of the Justin Committee.  Sluts are lower than shit.  That is what the Liberal Party is saying.

Well I do believe that being a hypocrite is right up there with mandatory abortion support for Liberals.  I wonder if sluts are welcome in the Liberal party?  Perhaps they should go elsewhere?

When I say sluts of course I'm including myself in that category.  Well former slut anyway.  Funny how nobody noticed that Ezra Levant used the term "Slut" in a gender neutral way.  He called Pierre Trudeau a slut.  You'd think Liberals and Slut-walkers would appreciate something like that.

I'm not so old that I don't remember how much of my life revolved around sluts for a time.  Does that not make me a slut?  Oh yeah, Ima playa yo.   Other than the onomatopoeia quality of the word slut, why should promiscuity be valued any differently for a man or a woman?  You can hold your own opinion of sluttiness of course, but people who enjoy or have enjoyed casual sex are not lower than a piece of shit.  

Trudeau's deep offence at the word slut should be offensive to all sluts.  Harper may keep Journolistas at arms length and we all understand why, but Trudeau's cowardly fleeing and evasions in the face of tough questions should offend all of us.

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Dollops said...

Okay, I'll bite. ".. people who (practice) casual sex (ie. fornication) are not lower than a piece of shit." The most read book in the world disagrees, assuming that its disinterest in shit means that stuff is considered innocuous.

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