Sunday, October 28, 2012

Strike Back

Strike Back is a British series now into its second season that I've come to enjoy lately.  Its like a cross between James Bond and Blackhawk Down while still being something completely new and different.

Its about an elite special forces group called Section 20 that doesn't officially exist yet who's purpose is to counter terrorism.  I find it has a very intelligent and realistic dialog and a superb twisting plot line that frighteningly mimics reality. 

It's amazing how prescient the show is.  I started watching it on HBO Canada in August.  When I picked up my jaw from the floor on September 11th hearing about the terrorist attacks in Benghazi I said to my lover "We are watching Strike Back, but for real."  The other day we were watching the recent documentary on Benghazi on Fox News and she said to me shaking her head, "this really is like Strike Back."

Art imitates life, and this is the world we live in.  It speaks to the quality of the writing in Strike Back when you see a typical episode unfold on Fox News one dark day. 

It's made by Cinemax which some of my friends call "Skin-emax."  Watch the show without the kids to see why.  Ample extreme violence and course language are some other reasons why this show is good for adults.

By any measure it's a great show. 


Alain said...

As I normally prefer British dramas to American ones, this one sound very interesting and a refreshing change. To date British dramas dealing with "terrorism" that I have watched were ridiculous in that the "terrorists" were always either "extreme right wing", "Christians" or the "Mossad". The blatant and abundant Islamist terrorism was ignored.

Alex said...

I'm sure you will like it.

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