Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Best Political Ad of the GOP Nomination

So far its this ad from the Rick Santorum team: "Rebellion."


Incidentally Ron Paul is part of the above problem.  I'm convinced Ron Paul is a foil to the Tea Party.  Imagine if there was no candidate Ron Paul?   Romney would also be history.  Any time a tea party person talks fiscal conservatism they are trumped by extremist Ron Paul arguments.  Then they are forced to defend the government against a nonsense argument of eliminating the government altogether.  At the same time Ron Paul's foreign policy is left of Obama's.  Ron Paul shoots himself with Taliban talking points and kooky concerns like not building a southern border fence in case Americans want to escape to Mexico (???!) someday.

Ron Paul and the Tea Party neatly cancel themselves out leaving you nothing but Romney.  Call me cynical but I think the Ron Paul people just may have been duped into defeating themselves in favor of the progressive.  Its just a theory but its how progressives work.  Its also effectively turning out that way.

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