Sunday, January 22, 2012

Newt Gingrich on the Keystone XL and Canada

Newt Gingrich won South Carolina by a landslide yesterday.  His victory speech was excellent.  He even mentioned Prime Minister Stephen Harper by name when talking about the Keystone XL. 

Here is an excerpt from the speech specifically dealing with the Keystone XL pipeline.

Heady times these.  Alberta and Canada are the epicenter of world attention.  As we gear up for an important provincial election in the spring, Stephen Harper will be heading to China for an official visit.

Do you realize that we are the only good news economic story in the western world today?  Good news and success just barely thwarted by petty bureaucrats, selfish politicians, and fanatical special interests.  The story of the Alberta Oil Sands, the Keystone XL, and the Northern Gateway exquisitely encapsulates exactly what has gone wrong with our civilization.  All thanks to progressives that riddle the left and have their hives on the right.  Allison Redford is case in point. 

The Prime Minister called it a "no-brainer," and so it is.  We are living in Atlas Shrugged.  Instead of rails its pipelines.  All the greedy, stupid, lazy and corrupt actors are tripping over themselves to stop a good thing from happening.

We shall build these pipelines.  We shall extract our oil.  Canada's treasure shall be shared with the world for the good of all, and especially our own. 

I have the rest of Newt's victory speech here as well.  I've edited out all the thankyous to bring it down to 19 minutes or so.  Well worth the time if you haven't seen it already.


Roy Elsworth said...

he is a great speaker isn't he I just loved listening to him speak last nite. and he don't need a telepromper

Thucydides said...

Remember the "Swiftboaters" from the 2004 election?

We need to form a political group to run ads like the Swiftboaters hammering on the direct and indirect jobs that the pipeline will create, and also stress the way higher energy costs cuts job creation and economic growth.

Obama has sown the wind, let him reap the whirlwind

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