Sunday, January 22, 2012

Partisan and Proud

Here's an attack ad for you.  What are you going to do about it lame stream media?

How about you sad sack Liberals?  Come on!  The truth is fighting words isn't it.

Didn't they put away 2 million dollars in case of a rainy attack ad day?  Ha!  -like they've got that kind of money.  The NDP are a pack of kooks but at least they stand for something.  Liberal's stand for whatever their audience wants to hear.  They stand for nothing.  Everyone except their media boosters know it.

I'm proud of my opinions.  I'm partisan and proud.  The Conservative Party doesn't support me, but I support them.  They are the ONLY Political Party that is looking out for Canadians.

The thing that strikes me about the NCC ad is its content.  Every word is absolutely true.  Why is Steven Taylor the bad guy pointing out the truth?  He's doing what a biased media is incapable of doing and he should be applauded for it.  The facts about Bob Rae should be known.  It's a public service.  The NCC has every right to speak up about Bob Rae.  I plan to join the National Citizens Coalition and help.


bertie said...

My question is.WHY do people not know about BOB RAYS track record.If they are middle aged they lived and worked in that era.Not all the blame goes to the lame stream media.

Alex said...

I think part of it might be that some people block it out. I have a lefty friends in Ontario that were shocked to find out Bob Rae was terrible premier, I had to prove it to them. They accused me of lying!

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