Thursday, March 1, 2012

Superceding Andrew Breitbart

No one can replace Andrew Breitbart.  We've lost a champion.

I never met him.  I've always enjoyed listening to him, absorbing his enthusiasm, cheering his courage, and marveling at his audacity.

He was a hero.

That is why I'm here.

I apologize for my absence.  I have put mundane things ahead of my duty to you.  Its my duty to exercise my right to speak out, so that you remain free to speak to me.  Just like Andrew Breitbart did.

You see, I thought Breitbart, Glenn Beck, Ezra Levant, and the rest of the movement had it covered.   Breitbart's death showed me I'm wrong.  He doesn't have it covered.  We don't have anything covered.

I can't afford a vacation.  Even if I have many other things to do.  I can't leave my freedom up to others.

Look at OWS and Anonymous, the socialists, the islamists, the progressives.  All these people are plotting against your freedom.  Just lining up to enslave you.  The most noble among them seek anarchy and chaos totally oblivious to the evil among them that seek the opportunity.  It's ruin for us all.

I can't replace Andrew Breitbart.  Perhaps we together can.  We all have to get loud.  We need to stand up and walk the a-holes back with nothing but our minds and our voices.  They are going to strike back.  Where's the challenge if they don't hit back?  They can throw everything they have at us but we've got the truth.  We are right about all of it.  -Right about all of them.  The left.

Anyone who thinks leftish ideas are good for something is either stupid, evil or deeply, profoundly, astoundingly incorrect.  (or any combination thereof)  We know its true and I think a fair number of them suspect something.

Time to finish what Breitbart started.  Time to win this war of ideas.   Good conservative ideas won't win if nobody fights for them.

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hunter said...

A huge loss for Conservatives everywhere.

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