Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Power of Incrementalism

How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.

How did the Western World get upside down?  How did our governing systems get so stupid and so morally wrong?  How does the greatest civilization in the history of the known universe tuck in on itself and implode?  I suspect you know the answer.


Incremental nudges.  Nudge: that's their word. Cass Sunstien's word to be specific but the left follows this tactic.  It's a real tactic that they talk about and use to excellent effect.  It isn't new either.  It has been at work for decades.  Faster when liberals and socialists like Trudeau or Obama are in control.  Slower, but still at work when progressives take the reins.  

That is how we find ourselves now.  Coasting on the momentum of freer times.  Mark Styne is the eminent chronicler of Western decline and I suggest you read "After America" if you want more details.  

I want to bring your attention to one area in particular: Capital Punishment.  Tori Stafford's killers immediately come to mind in addition to Paul Bernardo, Robert Picton, and of course Russel Williams.  We know why these people weren't executed.  July 14th 1976 saw Bill - C84 narrowly pass.  130 for, 124 votes against.

If you look closer though, there was an incremental run up to that decision.  It started with Liberal PM Pearson and ended with Liberal PM Trudeau.  They implemented policy decisions and temporary moratoriums for over a decade until it was finally abolished.  It didn't happen overnight.

Even then, the military was excluded from that.  Military courts martials could still execute criminals.  The incremental spread of leftist decay progressed like a gangrene infection.  Liberal PM Jean Chretien abolished capital punishment for even the Military in 1998.  Russel Williams owes his continued existence to Jean Chretien.

Incrementalism is slow but powerful.  It's extremely powerful.  Continents move only inches a year, yet they raise mountains.  Those same mountains are worn down again year after year by wind and rain.  Flood plains are delivered silt until they are just prairies.  Glaciers carve out valleys and then vanish.  All the while species of life come and go.  If there is one thing you need to take away form this post its that incremental changes in one direction build up to humongous effect.   Incrementalism works.   

It works and it has been used against us by a semi-organised left.  They are guided by entropy and a near universal loathing for the universe as it is and what is good about it.  It's as if they believe can change the laws of nature just by lying or distracting or rephrasing.  We neither wish nor deserve the collective lesson they are bringing down on us.  We need to turn it around.

Imagine for minute if Chretien had been thwarted?  Imagine if problems of procedure and protocol were used to delay Chretien and it was supplemented by hysterical misdirection.  Imagine Chretien never got around to abolishing capital punishment for the military?

Russel Williams might be hanging from a rope if Chretien never abolished capital punishment.  Now apply Incrementalsim in our favor.  With Williams executed, how much stronger would the case for executing all the other monsters be?  It would be very strong indeed. 

The enemy would rally of course.  They would defend their heinous murderers as if they were the innocents they had slain. 

Incrementalism would still work.  We could sidestep overwhelming opposition and implement assisted suicide for the worst criminals for example.  Notice how the left would want that reserved for grandma, the unborn, and even new born babies?  It really is evil that we are dealing with here.  You can see the difference between left and right when you mix euthanasia with capital punishment.  They fight for the condemned, and sacrifice the innocent. 

(Just watch you don't confuse the stupefied leftists with pure evil.  Its a cumulative effect.  They aren't evil, they just need to see the big picture and in some cases have their priorities and goals readjusted.)

In short Incrementalism can work for us too.  It has proven utility in conjunction with the Overton Window.  It can be used to push back the green menace and all the other social ills cultivated by the left.  Witness how its been able to turn wrong into right.  It is a winning strategy.  The Magna Carta culminated incrementally in our free society.  Support the incremental moves this government is able to make.  Patience and foresight is key.  Know that this is the way to a sane world.

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robins111 said...

See gun control, brought to you by the liberal party of Canada, now its so out of whack, people are strip seached because of a drawing. Its been incrementally created for 100 plus years.

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