Friday, March 9, 2012

Pierre Poutine: the smear within a smear

When this faux scandal started, I didn't know what to think.  Maybe some idiot did something dirty to "help" the CPC?  How was I to know?  How was anyone to know?  All we had were baseless accusations and mass generated complaints from the left's smear engines.   

I focused on the absurdity of the crime. On twitter I cracked jokes about the weakness of the left wing mind.  I recommended a higher protein diet which would not only strengthen the resolve of a robocall victim but also increase the resistance to left wing arguments to begin with.

Then we found out who ordered the robocalls.  Pierre Poutine.  Now I am strongly suspicious that is a setup by the left.  A rogue operative who was tuned in enough to order a sophisticated voter suppression campaign would buy a burner phone with a pseudonym that further harms the good name of the CPC?  It doesn't add up.

The CPC is hypersensitive of the smears they are already accused of.  They would never make an insulting affront to Quebec culture this way.  Pierre Poutine from Separatist Street indeed.  No other party would be as damaged by this name as the CPC.  The burner phone was meant to be found.  Else why use a burner phone?

"Aha!  The Quebec Haters!"  That is the reaction Pierre Poutine was intended to incite.   Pierre Poutine is a smear within a smear.  This faux scandal is a Russian doll of dirty politics practiced by the left everywhere.         
Think it through.  Imagine you were a rogue election spoiler.  Once this thing blows up, they are going to find the phone.  You could choose a generic name that means nothing.  Joe Smith from 2012 Young Street  Ontario.  Whoever did this, tried instead to put smoke in the gun.  They used a name which suggests the Torys; the arch enemy of the Separatists.  If he/she wanted to pin it on the NDP he/she would have used maybe Jack Layton (and the NDP would correctly make this exact argument). 

That is why I don't buy this whole thing.  It's too cute by half, as they say.  Pierre Poutine, if he was really pro CPC, would be paranoid in the extreme of getting caught.  A person this crafty just isn't going to leave hints to his identity unless it was intentional misdirection. 

Furthermore the moniker Pierre Poutine implies some projection as well.  The person who did this is external to the CPC.  A person internal to the CPC would know how important it is to win Quebec (someday).  An external person unintentionally projects their imagination onto the CPC.  I'm sure they imagine rooms filled with cigar smoke where men with their feet on the furniture laugh about poking Quebeckers in the eye.  That's the narrative.  It makes no sense that the CPC would play to it.

The timing also bugs me.  Why now?  Why not immediately after the election?  Why not in January?  I think I know why not.  The honeymoon is over.  The enemy waited until the Government screwed up on its own.  Bill C30 had true conservatives calling out the CPC.  That played out so now its time for Robocall.

Without a shred of proof the left deployed their well oiled smear engines in an attempt to delegitemize the duly elected government.  Andrew Coyne leading the parade.  Media and Politicians slandered with impunity.  Never ask for perspective from legacy media.  It's sensation that sells, so they think.

Which is the bigger scandal? Some unidentified rogue player in the election attempted to misdirect a few thousand voters?  Or is it that some rogue player, the media, and the left wing parties jumped at the chance to fraudulently overturn a free and fair election.  One that they just happened to lose?  Tell me, where are cries of "my God" for the more likely and more despicable scenario?

All these massive complaints facilitated by external entities like Avaaz just happen to arise at the same time, almost a year after the fact.  There are many little inconsistencies and illogical assumptions in this faux scandal that just don't add up.  They don't add up the way the left wants them to.  They add up to something else: a calculated smear attack.

Vikileaks was perpetrated by a Liberal Party staffer but he was given the info by the NDP.  Neat trick eh?  Played them for patsies.  Devised the attack but got the Liberals to do the dirty work.  Liberals despise the CPC as much or more as I do them.  Liberals also have nothing to lose.  So they went and did it.

It could have been the Liberals or it could have been the NDP.  It could have been an external entity or it could have been Elections Canada itself.  Elections Canada who has the means and mandate to actually make robocalls on Election Day and change voting locations may have been hijacked for the deed or may just be incompetent. 

I don't know who is behind it but I know in my gut that the mark for this faux scandal the CPC is very unlikely to be the culprit.

People seem to catch on faster than the sophist intelligentsia will ever give them credit for.  They've built a whole industry out of telling people they can't possibly think for themselves.  All too often they are the ones who don't think for themselves.  There's that projection again.  They assume we are dumb as they are.  On the bright side, the smart people have tuned out.  They have cried wolf so many times that nobody cares.  Detachment from these leftard politicians and media lackeys is about the smartest thing a thinking person can do. 

Unfortunately when politicians from any party act in despicable ways it taints them all.  It comes back on the Government anyway.  This is exactly what Pierre Poutine was aiming for in the first place.


Terry said...

"They would never make an insulting affront to Quebec culture this way. "

Only the Conservatives were using the term 'separatists' before the election. The other parties use 'sovereigntists'.

"...This country will have a Liberal Government propped up by the socialists and the separatists."

Alex said...

That was 2 elections ago Terry and Separatist is not a perjorative if you are one. They use the term to describe themselves.

"Pierre Poutine from Separatist Street" is an attack on culture. A phoney one. All you demonstrate is what an external person would use to pin it on conservatives. The obvious choice to be anonymous would be joe smith. The obvious choice to pin it on the NDP would be Jack Laytonov. The obvious choise to pin it on the CPC would be... see your video.

NeilD said...

The left thought it was hysterical when Rick Mercer told George Bush that Canadian Prime Minister Jacques Poutine was a supporter.

Joseph said...

I've come to some of the same conclusions you did, and I say some because I won't try to presume what the motive is.
The trick is to not buy into any kind of "magic bullet" theory, keep it simple.
As far as beneficiaries go, anyone with a beef against Harper, that however does not in my opinion make them suspect.
The profile of the most likely suspect, in my mind, would be dependant on what outcome was desired.
If you start coming up with outcomes that come with a lot of sophisticated conditions, then the prime suspect would have to be just as sophisticated. Such a scenario requires deep resources and a network of operatives that are blindly loyal to their cause. In politics, any operative willing to cross that line, is also just as likely to rat out another operative.
In my opinion, this robo call scam was not done to point blame at any one party. Like myself, you are also concluding part of the plan was that it be discovered. What I also conclude, is that there seems to be to many random accounts to suggest there was one coherent plan.
What I suspect is that you have multiple operatives at work with the strategic goal of creating chaos. Due to the fact that many of the same operatives responsible for the occupy protests, and the G20 protests are front and center now suggests this is part of a spring offensive. The dips and libs tend to gravitate toward these types, and as we saw with vikileaks, become the useful idiots.

Anonymous said...

The Black Rod has an interesting theory on who Pierre Poutine is,scroll down.

mikey d said...

it's all smoke and mirrors.CBC,CTV hate this government.

Alex said...

@ NielD: doublestandards are ineviatble for an ideology that is mostly fantasy. Thanks for pointing that out.

@ Joseph: Very excellent comment Joseph. I'll keep it in mind.

@ anon: Enjoyable read. Joseph's comment applies to that piece but more so. My point is that its unlikely to be the CPC and then I made some guesses.

Anonymous said...

It also disguised the fact that a very boring N.D.P. leadership race was going on.

But seriously it reminds me of the contraception issue in the States which has completely moved the discussion away from religious freedom. The left is shameless in creating phony scandals and undermining legitimate spokespeople and governments.

Terry said...

"Separatist is not a perjorative if you are one. They use the term to describe themselves."

Citation needed. It's called the sovereignty movement, "Mouvement souverainiste du Québec". Main tagline from Parti Québécois: "Le mouvement du PQ promeut la souveraineté". Separation is about breaking away, in that, a new entity/country would be formed. Sovereignty is about regaining or asserting that there was always a different identity/nation to begin with. Annulling Confederation, so to speak... and the battle at the Plains of Abraham.

In a technical sense, it would be separation, but proponents describe themselves as sovereignists. It's not so much that it's an insult, but people who use the term separatist to describe sovereignists, don't really understand the movement. Liberals in Ontario and Quebec use the them sovereignists.

But I guess it's possible, a Liberal operative would know this and do some frame up job on the Conservatives. And monkeys may start flying out my ass.

Quebec election coming up. It might be a good idea to pratiquer mon francais.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your interpretation of the "Pierre Poutine" moniker. It sounds like something an activist/satirist would use in order to ridicule the Conservatives.

I also found this account of one call puzzling:

«Then, on the afternoon of April 11, a phone in Volpe’s own campaign phone bank rang. Volunteer Marsha Sands described the call in an affidavit.

“I picked it up and said hello several times. No voice responded but I could hear voices in the background. I then said, ‘Hello, speak please. You’ve called me.’

“A female voice, soft and young-sounding, said, ‘Are you going to vote for Joe Volpe in the up and coming election?’ I responded, ‘Who are you? Where are you calling from?’ several times.

“The caller said, ‘The Conservatives.’ I said ‘What? Who are you?’ Response: ‘Um, we are conducting a survey.’
The caller asked if Sands would like a Volpe lawn sign and hung up when Sands pressed her to identify herself. Sands said she could hear muffled coaching and other voices in the background.»

"The Conservatives" was the caller's answer. Not the "Conservative Party". Not the "Conservative Party of Canada". Just "The Conservatives" -- not the way a true representative would refer to the party, I think.
-- Gabby in QC

Alex said...

Terry, I'm afraid monkeys already do.

I'll cite my personal interactions with separatists. They ALL announce themselves as separatists, not soveriegntists or the new term independentists. The last 2 words are made for TV progressive speak that people don't actually use. I've been to soirees where 90% of the males attending proudly identified themselves as separatists. I also dazzled them with my De Gaulle impression. I had them rolling on the carpet. That is just one instance. That is the most separatists I found in a room at one time. I've met self identified Quebec separatist here in Alberta who work for the Fed gov't. Figure that one out. This is not about personal animosity. Federalism is about protecting Canada AND Quebec. The ones who aren't trying to make a media storm (like you) understand that.

Separatist is not an insult. It's what they are. Same with 'Socialist' while we are at it. Socialist is what the progressives and assorted leftards are. Take offense at being called a socialist. Go ahead. I would be.

"Jacko Layton from Coalition Crescent" would be something an anti-NDP dumdum would have used. Anyone smart enough to pull this off would not have left clues as to how they think.

My point has to be re-examined anyway. Since its turned out now that Pierre Poutine is actually a restaurant in Guelph. Your friend Pierre may have been trying to appear local AND anti-french. So much trouble when he could have just been anonymous.

Alex said...

Exactly right Gabby. Fishy in the extreme.

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