Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Wildrose Balanced Budget and Savings Act

Well done Wildrose.   Pledge #1 is a great start.

You can't spend more than you make.  You can borrow the money but you pay a penalty.  Keep on spending and before you know it, the interest exceeds your capacity to pay it down.  If that happens you go broke.

Everybody knows this.  Everyone except the Progressive party.

Danielle Smith has pledged the Wildrose Government to Balance the Budget.  At the same time they plan to  grow a Heritage Fund by over 200 billion in the next 20 years.  Spending will be pegged to population growth.

They call it "The Wildrose Balanced Budget and Savings Act."  It's like Ralph Klein is back.

The Progressive Conservative party in it's glory days actually passed a law prohibiting deficits.  After steadily increasing spending they managed to double it in the last 9 years.  Now the Progressives had to go as far as to repeal their own deficit law to keep funding their spending habit.  Their deficit itself is an arbitrary number since the progressives have looted the sustainability fund.    That was formerly impossible since it was illegal to drain the fund unless the province was in an illegal deficit.

Only Progressives can manage this.  Only they can break their own laws and call it good.  They blamed the recession for the deficit.  The recession was made worse by their own Resource Royalty Regime scheme which drove scarce capital out of the province.  Now with Oil back at record highs what is their excuse?

The sustainability fund was created for a rainy day.  This rainy day is the PC Party itself.

There is no excuse for the looting and borrowing going on around here.  Allison Redford herself "sat" on a committee she didn't even know existed  and collected money for doing exactly nothing.  This party oversaw funding to activists making Anti-Alberta propaganda films.  That is just the tip of it.  Read the full Pledge Document.  Page 6 has billions more in wasteful PC spending.

How much waste does there have to be before you say enough is enough?  Do you trust them enough not to raise taxes because of it?  The PC party promised not to raise taxes right after they raised property taxes.  I don't want any of that.  I don't want a National Energy Boondoggle.  I don't want anymore PC Party.

I want the The Wildrose Balanced Budget and Savings Act.  Vote Wildrose!


Jen said...

Yep the Wildrose sign is up in front of my house and we (hubby and I) also signed to work at th provincial election.

BTW. A senate election is also being held on the same day.

I like what Wildrose has in mind with FEDERAL RELATION re to tranfere payments and Equalization.

Anonymous said...

Great Start for Wildrose. I believe the PC's in Ontario need to watch closely and take notes on how to communicate a campaign.

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