Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hidden in the next big deal

Pierre Poutine is still unknown.  Many objective people agree that there is probably media and opposition collusion at work.

The legacy media have brought this distrust and suspicion on themselves.  Nobody has any reason to believe it was a pro-conservative rouge spoiler any more than it was a member of the anti-conservative media.  The fact remains that this faux scandal, like all those before it, is driven by hatred and devoid of substance.

The narrative, pushed by Andrew Coyne and company, is that conservatives are dirty cheaters.  Conservatives reading this recognize that this narrative can only work with the mob that already hates them.

The other narrative, the compelling narrative, where conservatives are the victims of baseless accusations and fraudulent tricks wouldn't be so believable if there wasn't a stack of examples to prove it.  It's led me to postulate that Pierre Poutine of Separatist Street was not a conservative.

The name itself is obviously not a real name but it has deliberate clues left in it.  Pierre Poutine's is a local restaurant in Guelph and it suggests a sort of mockery of a separatists culture.  Pierre has made it very difficult to be found after launching his sophisticated election crimes.  A random name would have been better, but' Pierre Poutine' was chosen by the perpetrator.  I don't believe it was an accidental slip of bigotry.  It's out of place for this slippery criminal.  I believe it was intentional bigotry aimed at smearing the mark further.

The timing of this faux scandal is still suspicious; immediately after vikileaks died down.

Now you have the story that Pierre Poutine was about to come forward.  He never came forward.  One can suppose that Pierre is now known to EC.  The fact that no information has yet been leaked suggests that there is no information that could harm conservatives.  If you live under a rock you may not know that many faux scandals have been started by EC leaks, not to mention a strange determination to prosecute the CPC while letting other parties off the hook on a regular basis.  The most recent example is that of the Liberal MP in Guelph breaking election laws while making robocalls of his own.  He isn't being charged.

We should remember that this is all just conjecture in line with competing narratives.  Pierre Poutine may not be known to anyone yet.  It wouldn't surprise me if the IP led nowhere.  IPs can be masked.  Imagine EC detectives descending on your house and demanding a confession. Seizing your computers even?  Scary.

Nevertheless, if Pierre Poutine in fact incriminated the media, the opposition or left wing groups like Occupy then you would expect the same hostile media and EC to bury the story.  He could also be lawyered up to the gills.  An incriminating IP by itself is going to be a hard sell in a court.

So watch for the next big deal.  Something to do with Israel lets say or Iran.  I would not be surprised if Pierre Poutine is identified and quietly forgiven by EC on the back pages once this stupid little faux scandal is forgotten.

UPDATE:  Kelly McParland shows there is hope yet for media.  (h/t BC Blue)

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