Sunday, April 10, 2011

Which came first? Liberal Media Bias or Media Access to Slam Conservatives?

Access!  Access.  All this time.  A lifetime of Liberal Media and it was all because one day Stephen Harper would have a Minority Government and would deny that same Liberal Media access.  Unbelievable! 

John Ibbitson addressed the fact that the Ottawa Press Gallery hates the Prime Minister.  Well colour me surprised!  I've only known this since before it happened.  Now its so obvious they write about it.

Who's fault is it?  Well It's obviously Mr. Harper's.  He didn't provide access to himself and his Government that is why the media trashes Conservatives.  It's not because they are self-selected lefties and have been trashing Conservatives like Brian  Mulroney to Preston Manning to Stockwell Day.  They have been at it since they learned to write from left wing professors like Iggy himself.

The Government has to entertain the media.  We have to make them happy.  That is why they "fixated" on the refused entry to events to activists.  Remember they "fixated" on this while Liberals were expelling Neo Nazi's from their ranks and making apologies for thug hugging no-means-yes judges.  By the five furies you guys make me sick!

How did I miss this before?  The mainstream media hates Mr. Harper, because he isn't friends with them.  He isn't friends with the media because...the media hates Conservatives and Stephen Harper in particular.

How dare you call yourselves reporters.  Reporters report!  You don't make fake excuses for your "fixation."  You don't actively campaign for one party or another.  You don't push your personal agenda over the facts.  You don't LIE!

It was good of you to finally come out and admit what we have been saying all along.  You hate Harper, and by extension you hate all of us.  Fair enough, we hate you too.  You are just like the Unions; a special and selfish interest that uses its position in society to advance your own agenda.

Your propaganda subverts our democracy and weakens our country.  Instead of a strong experienced and responsible government, you would submit Canadians more tumultuous minorities and elections.  We saw it in Wikileaks.  Heck, you are even telling us about it.  You are exposed!  You aren't just exposed, you are lying about the reasons for too.

Shame on you despicable liars.  

So what should we do?

We can disenfranchise them.  This is what we are actually actively doing as conservatives apart from the Conservative Party.  Sun News is a part of this.  We can patronize Sun Media and any other media that services our wish for a friendly view of events and the world.  We didn't invent this.  We are the victims of this.  This is the whole point of socialism and its latest incarnation: green socialism. 

I believe that people are basically good.  Absent all the lies people are conservative.  Too many of them just don't know it.  You can't really change people by insulting them or threatening them.  People can only change themselves.  You can only lead them to water.  Disenfranchisement is the long term solution.  What do you know, its already happening organically too.  People are waking up to the Liberal Media.  Even when I was in high school we learned the saying: Its not NEWS, its VIEWS.  Well the next question is: Who's views are are making news? 

I'm a good sport though.  I believe in capitalism.  I want the best product so lets give the incumbent media a fighting chance.  They aren't all Liberal scum bags.  Ibbitson himself is evidently a lefty, but its his honesty that is endearing.  That's what this is about.  Its not about creating an empire of the right.  It's about tearing down the empire of the left.

Lets reach out to these dinosaurs and offer them the access they so dearly covet.  Go ahead.  Pick and choose reporters who may not have this hateful predisposition and give them a golden ticket to all the access they want.  Performance should be rewarded.  Wouldn't it be funny if access was dreaded by lefties for the favor that it implies.  LOL

1 comment: to the radio said...

People shouldn't have to work six months of the year to pay for government programs.
But these media types think we should.
And they think we should pay more.
Definition: socialism.

As far as the media goes, this is a generational last gasp.
All of those Trudeau liberals who were installed in the media years ago are finding they have less clout than they used to.
The fourth estate is dying on the vine.
And I think it's about time.

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