Wednesday, December 1, 2010

CBC gets caught in the Wikileaks crossfire

While successfully embarrassing the US Government Wikileaks has caused some embarrassment to the CBC as well.  John Ivison of the National Post revealed today that the US Embassy in Ottawa believes the CBC to be biased.  Leaked memo's to The White House describe the CBC programming  as “insidious negative popular stereotyping.”

Gee you don't say?  I thought an independent state broadcaster could do no wrong.

The US Embassy quotes go on like an early Christmas present saying that the CBC has “long gone to great pains to highlight the distinction between Americans and Canadians in its programming, generally at our (American) expense.”

To fight the CBC anti-American propaganda the US Embassy recommends that “We need to do everything we can to make it more difficult for Canadians to fall into the trap of seeing all U.S. policies as the result of nefarious faceless U.S. bureaucrats anxious to squeeze their northern neighbour.”

Its good to know that our annual billion dollar bailout for the CBC is put into setting traps for Canadians and pitting us against our closest ally.  How strange to find find that while the White House is publicly at odds with FOX News, its Embassy here in Canada secretly feels the same way about the CBC.

Nothing in the Wikileaks data is new or shattering.  What is new is the independent confirmation of CBC bias by American officials in the action of their office.   They weren't blogging for fun like I am now.  They were doing their job.  They were providing their best information so that Washington could make the best decisions regarding Canada.

Let us finally say once and for all that the CBC has a biased agenda that doesn't necessarily coincide with the best interests of Canada.  They do not deserve special media status, nor do they deserve federal funding or must carry licenses.  Many voices have called on the CBC to change it ways and they have been met with a renewed pursuit of the progressive agenda.

The CBC is unable and unwilling to even acknowledge its bias.  The liberal progressive culture of mass opinion control is so deep and so thick that it should be sold off.  Nothing is more important to them than their narrative.  Facts and opinion are only broadcast when they can be suitably spun to their rhetorical advantage.  They are trying to teach us lessons with programming that are neither true nor helpful to the taxpayer. 

Hopefully, SUNTV can break the monopoly of the left wing media establishment to such an extent that the daily farcical narrative belching from that tax pig the CBC will be widely recognized for what it is: Social Engineering Propaganda.  -Otherwise known as lies and spin. 


Anonymous said...

As I've been saying since these documents were released: there's nothing in there that most of us didn't already know.

Anonymous said...

my, my - my arguements to and of the CBC over the years, were actually based on fact ? - who knew ? - time to defund this bloodsucker now

Anonymous said...

I would say the Wikileaks documents, while deplorable for some of the collateral damage they will cause, have clearly demonstrated that our Conservative government is on the right track in most areas and the political (Liberals) and infotainment (CBC) left is out of sync with what's happening on the ground. They truly do have an 'Alice in Wonderland' world view.

The Wikileak documents show that there is some 'adult supervision' coming from the diplomatic corp, and that is somewhat reassuring.

Michael Harkov said...

While successfully embarrassing the US Government Wikileaks has caused some embarrassment to the CBC as well. John Ivison of the National Post revealed today that the US Embassy in Ottawa believes the CBC to be biased.

I don't get it. What exactly was it that was leaked? Doesn't the nature of something to be "leaked" require that it once be unknown or hidden?

Anonymous said...

Of course all us conservatives already knew this but it was nice to see it in writing from an American perspective. They said it better than I could have and it still applies in terms of the CBC's attitudes towards anything conservative. I'm not surprised that the American's didn't link the CBC with socialist infiltrators too, which they are. (real conservative)

L said...

Perfect irony.

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