Friday, December 3, 2010

Right Back At Ya Greenpeace.

You've probably heard about the Greenpeace contest to spoof the CAPP adds.  Here is my submission. 
Unfortunatly Facebook doesn't allow a 'dislike' option so I'll submit it here.  It wouldn't last long there anyway.  Dissenting voices are not Greenpeaces forte. 

Here is some of what you would find if you went to their pathetic FB group.  These are my favorites anyway. 


Anonymous said...

Hey is that dye they are using, safe? It looks dangerous to me. (real conservative)

hunter said...

Greenies, talking to greenies. Let them spend Soro's money, he will run out of it eventually.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised I didnt see this pic in your list too:

Alex said...

@ RC: not to them it isn't. The boat is made of petroleum, their clothes are made of petroleum, they use petroluem to move around. Why should they sart worrying about hipocracy now?

@ hunter: I'd like to help them run out. We should create a new status for these groups becasue they aren't charity. Advocate lobby groups should pay taxes. Simple as that.

@ anon2: nah that one is old and boring.

Anonymous said...

Alex, yer right, is that a gas outboard motor on that boat I see?? hmmm... (real conservative)

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