Monday, December 27, 2010

Tomorrow When The War Began

This film was surprisingly good.  Tomorrow When The War Began is the modern equivalent of Red Dawn set in Australia. 

The invasion is so complete that one must assume there is a larger war happening elsewhere in the world.  If NATO was busy, distant Australia would have to wait some time for liberation.  They might even see years of brutal occupation.

My Girlfriend pointed out to me as we watched that an invading army is about 1000 times worse than a zombie apocalypse.   Zombies don't fly jets and intern your family.  Armies are for real and some of them don't give a damn about the Geneva Convention.  There are still people out there that don't think we need a military at all.  They think history is over and bad things don't happen to good countries and their people.  They don't understand that its a standing military that allows us to grow so spoiled and stupid that we can conceive of disbanding them.  Tomorrow When The War Began is a good reminder of how bad things could be.

Don't get me wrong.  This isn't the best movie ever made.  The last Aussie film I saw was about a tranny road trip so the bar was set pretty low.  I saw Tomorrow When The War Began a few days ago now and it has been sticking in my mind ever since.  I think it has made its point very well and I'd love to see a Canadian version.  A remake of Red Dawn is also in the works.


Ken Finney said...

Where did you see this?

Alex said...

You can see it here or ask your video store to get it for you.

There is always a third way.... but find a way to buy the movie.

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