Monday, April 18, 2011

Vote For Canada

If you are Liberal you need to read this.  I won't take much of your time.  I know how all these parties and special interest fight for your eyeballs all day and how tiring it gets. 

Here's the thing:

Some of you vote Liberal because you are liberal.  You feel that liberalism is your identity.  You feel that voting for some other party would betray your personality and your identity.  You don't stay loyal because they are actually good for you or for the country.

I want you to know that your vote is not your identity.  Your vote is your property.  It belongs to no one else in the universe but you.  We have a secret ballot.  Nobody has to know about how you vote.  Not even the people who count your ballot know who cast it.   You don't have to obey your husband.  You don't have to please your wife.  You don't have to impress your clique or live up to some imaginary standard set by some interest group.  When you enter the voting booth its you alone that must choose the fate of this country.

Would you choose Micheal Ignatieff and his version of the Liberal Party?  Is he the best we can do?  I'm 33 years old.  Mr. Ignatieff has been out of the country for longer than I have been alive.  I don't mind if he wants to call himself Canadian.  Not at all.  I do mind if his absenteeism is supposed to make him so much more Canadian than any of us.  That is absurd.  He can be Canadian, but Prime Minister is a whole other story.  He doesn't even show up to work.  He's missed 70% of votes in the house.  He can't even win the leadership of his own party, yet this lousy MP wants to be PM.  Without a Conservative majority Iggy would seize power even while losing the election.  

This weak leader heads a steadily diminishing Liberal Party, who's best hope for becoming PM is to forge an agreement with the Bloc separatists and the socialist NDP.  Is this why you are a Liberal voter?  To borrow favors for the separatists?  This means all his slight of hand promises will be in the garbage on May 3rd no matter what the outcome.  This applies to all the parties on the left.  A vote for them is a vote for a mishmash of incoherent doublespeak and unbridled spending that won't last more than a year anyway.  We'll be right back here again in an election about nothing in no time at all. 

Just this weekend the Bloc vowed to pursue the break up of this country.  Is any of this the reason you might vote Liberal?    Is this just the cost of asserting your identity?  David Suzuki and Margaret Atwood don't even know you exist and they don't care.  They would love to see this country brought down as low as the USA is now.  They are happy to be sad for you because it validates their worldview.  How shallow would it be to trade your vote, for the imaginary approval of George Strombolopolous or some CBC executive?  

Conservatives in this country went through a terrible time after Brian Mulroney.  We deserved it and the country needed it.  It makes us all stronger.

Its time that the Liberals reinvent themselves.  They can only do this if you turn your back on them.  Its the only way they will get it.  Show them you can't be taken for granted.  Remind them who owns your vote.  They need some quality time in the wilderness finding their soul again.  They need it.  You can still be a liberal or even a Liberal by voting for the Conservative Party of Canada.

The Conservative Party is the right choice for Government.  A majority government can stand up to the Bloc.  Conservative experience is the best suited to protect the economy, national unity, health care, our troops and security.  Conservatives are the right choice for Canada.   

Vote Conservative.  Vote for Majority.  Vote for Canada.


Marge said...

The Spin Assassin who Puts the reticle of reason on spinners and spin posts unbiased, factual and fair statements like:

This applies to all the parties on the left. A vote for them is a vote for a mismash of incoherent doublespeak and unbridled spending that won't last more than a year anyway. We'll be right back here again in an electtion about nothing in no time at all.

I don't really care about who you care about. You shouldn't care too much about who I vouch for (after all, my vote is not my identity, only a piece of my property). But you are an opinated voter and blogger who has certain views on Canadian politics. Just like all the other citizens who are voting conservative, liberal, ndp. Many of them have their own well thought-out opinions (even though theirs may be different than yours) and many are not voting for someone because their family, friends, George S, or a 'Spin Assasin' blogger told them too. Why? Because thats democracy! You know, what all those people in the middle east have been dying for lately. Literally!

Be wary that you are adding to the spin by claiming you are the reticle of reason. You are simply voicing your opinions and ideas based on your knowledge about canadian politics. There is absolutley nothing wrong with the practice (as long as its done with respect towards the other people who somehow have different opinons than yours).

Canadians are lucky noone has to die today to vote (or even publish opinated blog material online). Try to remain mindful of the big picture and not confuse the kids.

Alex said...

Thank you for stopping by Marge. I'm sure you consider your choices carefully. I understand that there are different views from mine but I don't understand why they vote Liberal. Why not NDP or Green or even Conservative. We aren't your fathers conservatives. Take a fresh look. I think Liberty and individuality are virtues that Conservatives embody most. They are the rewards of mere survival. They are the point of all this. Break the status quo and join us. We need people who understand the value of freedom.
Thanks again.

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