Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Micheal Ignatieff: Admit me to your Rally!

Two people were barred from a Conservative rally recently.  You've heard the scandalous and righteous hype from the Liberals and the media about it.  Oh the humanity.  Oh the democracy.  Oh the something else, with tears of blood etc...

I'd like to challenge Micheal Ignatieff and the Liberal Campaign to allow me into their next rally in Alberta.  I have pictures with Mr. Harper on Facebook too.  "Democracy" for he but not for me, right? 

I'm a self-declared Conservative Supporter, blogger and card carrying member.  That basically means I'm a fan.  I'm just a vocal and opinionated private citizen and that's it.  I have as much to do with the Conservative Party as I do with the Calgary Stampeders.  -which is nothing at all.  I love them because I believe in them.  They are the best party that consistently exceeds my expectations for my Government.

I began planning to crash a Liberal Event here in Alberta but there don't seem to be any.  Here's a screen cap of Liberal events in Canada for the Election.
I couldn't resist re-colorizing the Liberal logo to reflect their ideology, but other than that, this is a direct lift from the Liberal website.  

The first thing you might notice is how sparse Liberal events are west of Windsor.  There are only 2 events in the west, one in Calgary and one in Vancouver.  Saskatchewan and Manitoba don't have any events at all and neither does Newfoundland.  You could fit entire continents into the area's that Liberals ignore and this is a general reflection of their policy as well.

The second thing you should notice is that the Territories are completely missing.  Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut are just gone.  They don't matter to Liberals.  They don't have to visit, they don't even include them in Canada really.  4 times as many American States appear on the Liberal event map than the 3 important Territories that were simply cut off.  The election happens there too.  The Territories send many MP's to Ottawa including our outstanding Leona Aglukkaq.

Even if I crashed the event in Calgary, I can't be sure Iggy will be there.  It says Paul Martin will be there and he isn't even running.  Where are you Iggy?  The media tells us Conservatives have abandoned Quebec which they most definitely have not.  The Liberals have abandoned Alberta since Trudeau and that is a generally accepted fact.  Its not news. 

Well, if you can be bothered Iggy, come on out here.  I've got some things to say to you.  I won't put a pie in your face.  I promise.  This is what will happen if there is no security at your events.

I feel bad that this happened to those girls.  I want to share this great party with them.  It was overzealous and I'm sure it has happened to others in every party without media coverage.  I hope they can understand the care that must be taken against people who would harm our Prime Minister.  I'm sure Liberals and their media don't.  Perhaps the CPC campaign can reconcile the error with them and arrange a personal meeting with them to work it out.  I've heard the security guard has apologized.

Rallies are held for the party faithful and the faithful will understand the needs and possible sacrifices for success of the Party.  The fact we are even talking about this makes me wonder how much of this whole situation is some media theater.

If those 2 girls are somehow entitled entry to a Conservative Rally then I am equally entitled entry to any Liberal Rally.  I demand the right to enter all Liberal Rally's.  Let's see if the same rules apply in the other direction.

This is the disingenuous part of the latest faux scandal.   There have been credible threats against the Prime Minister before.  People are serving time prison for wanting to murder him right now

Jean Chretien once strangled a man who got in his way on TV.  Is this the scene you are trying to create at a Conservative Rally?  How about at your rally?

I once shook hands with Jean Chretien.  I wash my hands 6 - 10 times a day so those skin cells are long gone.  Not a trace of the old cretin are on me (but I could use a shower all of a sudden).

It was Canada Day and I was on Parliament Hill.  Her Majesty the Queen of Canada was there too and if my Prime Minister was shaking hands with the crowd then I was happy to shake it and wish him well too.  I respect the office and everything it represents if not the man holding it. 

If Liberals are serious about their faux scandal than they have to invite and admit me to their rally.  (If they have the guts to hold one around here and tell me about it)  They have nothing to fear except from what I might say to Count Ignatieff.  What would you say if you had a face-to-face to the Count?

....We all know this is nothing but another steaming pile of cow dung though.  I won't hold my breath.


Cory said...

This is such nonsense -- a non-scandal if there ever was one. These two young women are activists for their respective causes. They were there to agitate, not to be informed.

There's no way this will go anywhere -- do they really believe people are going to change their vote for this? If so, then they really do think the public is infantile.

Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

I live in Windsor, Communist Capital of Canada. Try being a true blue tory here, swimming with sharks wearing a pork chop swim suit would be less hazardous.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere else on BT about Iggy strolling into a coffee shop in Winnipeg in the last few days, apparently it didn't go very well for him.

maryT said...

The Black Rod has a post up including the fb page with no nice comments from one of the males supposedly removed. That group is very green orientated, went to Copenhagen, loved the protests, and the male said, in one comment he was ready to go to Ottawa to take the PM down. Isn't that a threat.
I am sure someone will find anti PM comments somewhere on one of those fb pages against the PM.
And don't forget the pregnant reporter hit in the stomach at an iggy rally.

Clown Party said...

Mary T

"And don't forget the pregnant reporter hit in the stomach at an iggy rally."

I did not hear about that one. Is there a link?

That would make the two "Green" women escourt out of meeting seem like a walk. [I read the Black Rod's report on these women ... they would probably have caused trouble if given the chance. The Main Stream Media [MSM] sure know how to pick their stories. I bet Biffy did not say sorry that it happened.

I heard while in Calgary, durind Stampede, that voters had to pay $50.00 to see him - after paying about $10.00 to get into Zoo where meeting was held. I guess he never heard that Stampede events are free.

maryT said...

When Ignatieff was here last week, the RCMP got physical with two Free Press reporters, even elbowing a pregnant reporter in the stomach. Told she was pregnant, the male Mountie said: “That’s what you get for rushing a bodyguard.”
This is partway down the story of Harper under fire for removing ----
I googled, pregnant reported kicked in stomach at liberal rally and up the story come.
Have you read the Black Rod today, where he outs that Izzy guy who says he was evicted or something. He has posted the fb page where a lot of these students are very angry at the PM. SDA is also on the story, but I bet the media ignores it.

maryT said...

Harper under fire for tossing Londoners out of Tory rally

That is the story this is in.
What happened in Winnipeg.

Anonymous said...

Mary, I saw it on BTMobile this morning and can't find it now. From what I can recall, Ignatieff made a campaign stop at a coffee shop in Winnipeg, tried to "engage the electorate", and was given a clear opinion of himself and his Party.. apparently a few fellows gave him a tin ear. Apparently a**hole was heard more than once..

Anonymous said...

And the latest rally-toss that the media is going on about is no political innocent...

Joanna MacDonald is an executive member of the Sierra Youth Coalition and the Cdn Youth Delegation and a speaker on climate change policy and activism

She attended the Copenhagen Conference with Yvonne Su and the Climate Change Conference in Cancun

Just google her…

Oh, and she's going to start a new Facebook page called "Harper is afraid of me' or something.

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