Monday, April 18, 2011

Liberals: Yeah we lie, suck it up.

The Liberals have admitted that they have been lying to Canadians.  This is not about all their lies through the years about the GST and cutting health care and Adscam and all that.  These lies are more recent than even their latest red ink book.  They have been running the basest of all attacks; ones that are completely fictional.  They have even admitted it and have pulled the ad.

Here is what Count Ignatieff had to say about it: "They dish it out but they can’t take it."  Hows that for an apology?  What Conservatives "dish out" are Iggy's own words.  A lot of it is on film for all to see.  Take a look at this:

See what I mean?  Explain that away Mr. Ignatieff.  Was it your evil twin? 

We aren't going to take it.  Canadians don't have to take anything from a sniveling pretender like Count Iggy.  Just because Iggy feels ill used by his own words doesn't give him the right to make stuff up.

It's exactly in character for Iggy.  Facts aren't a concern.  He'll say anything at all to get your x on the ballot.  That's all a Liberal ever needs.  They think you are stupid.  They don't think you'll remember the lies they told 20 years ago and so they lie today.  Give them your vote and they will lie tomorrow and 20 years from now.

Here is a quick run down of major recent lies:
  • No Coalition.  It will be an agreement.  He thinks these weasel words excuse him, but we know that he wants to overturn the government and take power without an electoral mandate from the people.  He did it in his own party and he tried it once before.
  • No Carbon Tax.  Page 46 of the red ink book sneakily includes the Green Shift.  Iggy wrote the greenshift.  What make you think he wouldn't implement it?  He'll be bankrupting us with growing bureaucracies at the same time.
  • No Jets.  He'll buy the damned jets only they'll buy less and pay more.  Its the EH-101/Cormorant fiasco all over again.  That's why we are even talking about it.  Because it worked 20 years ago.  The same Liberals he had on his arm last weekend that picked the F-35 in the first place.  Its the only Jet available. There is no alternative and even if there was, would we buy it from China or Russia?  Don't talk about drones either.  They can be helpful, but they aren't a replacement for pilots.  That's like replacing the Navy fleet with torpedo's.  Its not going to work in a serious fight.  
I could go on but what is the point.  Come May 3rd and the ballots are cast, the Red Ink Book and the promise pamphlets of the NDP will be in the trash.

The Conservative Party is serious about its platform and will deliver the goods.   Most of it was tabled as a Budget for the Government of Canada but the oppositions greed and gamesmanship stopped that.  Its time you stopped the opposition.

Vote Conservative.  Take Stephen Harpers platform to the bank.


Jeff said...

Couldn't get the video to work. "This video is private" Too bad. Good ad.

Alex said...

It was too. The video was recently made private. It worked when I posted it... but now even the version on the party website is private. There was one spot where a SUN frontpage was shown. I could see Liberals probably used it as a legal lever to get the ad blocked I'm guessing. Next time I dload and post it myself ;)

Alex said...

Yahoo it works now

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