Friday, April 8, 2011

Stephen Harper rolls out the Conservative Party Platform

Friday in Mississauga Stephen Harper told us what a Majority Conservative Government would be like for Canadians.  The ebullient rally is available on CPAC if you weren't lucky enough to be there.  I'm excited about the future.  I want to live in the Canada Stephen Harper hopes to bring us.

Some things I'm looking forward to are:
  • A balanced budget by 2014 - 2015
  • double the maximum TFSA allowance
  • Income splitting
  • Fitness Tax Credit
There is so much more in their actual document.  Just looking at the table of contents makes me happy.  It seems to make reporters and the opposition unhappy, but that is expected.  They aren't on our side.  They aren't on your side.  This is for Canadians, not special interests.  Media blowhards are declaring it "phony baloney."  Go ahead.  See if Mr. Harper is bluffing.  You've got nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain. 

Conservatives are the only party that will be expected to actually implement a platform after a majority election win.  None of the left wing parties can hope to form a government by themselves which means they can throw their platforms in the trash on May 3rd.

The only way a citizen can get something tangible out of this election is to vote Conservative.  All the rest is a mirage; a lie that weakens the country to satisfy the personal lust for power of the combined left.

The Conservatives are here for you, and their platform proves it.  Nothing can be worse than the Great Recession and all we have to do now is let Stephen Harper do his job.  I can't wait to see what he'll do with the upswing.


Bosch said...

The link to the actual document doesn't seem to be working. I also tried to obtain the document directly from the CPC site last evening and only got a blank page.

Alex said...

You may have a browser problem Bosch. Update your pdf viewer. It works fine.

Bosch said...

Got it. Thanks. Looks like a reasonable and responsible list of promises. Wish I could hear more about it in the MSM and in the CPC adds.

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