Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Virtual Coalition

Tom Flanagan has come up with the latest term for what the Liberals, the Bloc and the NDP are planning.  A Virtual Coalition is as good a name as any.  They plan to overrule the will of the people if they can.   Many senior Liberals have independently confirmed the plan while simultaneously denouncing a narrow definition of a Coalition.  I've prepared a value added video of Tom Flanagan's discussion with other political strategists.

They think that if they just don't call it a Coalition, Canadians will be okay.  Their collective contempt for the mind of a citizen is astounding to behold.  They think we can't put it together.  If they called it cotton candy, they believe we would suddenly think a coalition with these three was sweet and fluffy. 

Not only would a virtual coalition be a betrayal of the electoral mandate and illegitimate.  It would be inherently unstable, weak and wasteful.  Unstable and wasteful because the Bloc would strong arm it into paying ransom above and beyond what is fair to the rest of Canada, and weak because this situation would leave Canada vulnerable to external shocks to the economy that a natural loser like Micheal Ignatieff is unfit to cope with.  The Troika would put us at a competitive disadvantage with huge deficit spending, large tax hikes and general policy instability.

This is why a majority is so important.  Winning the election is not enough.  We can't count on the word of the opposition  parties, especially when they lie so openly about their bid for power.  This is truly a two party system.  The only problem is that the left wing party is schizophrenic.  We don't want a schizo government.   Iggy himself doesn't know who he is half the time.  He doesn't know he isn't entitled to be Prime Minister.


maryT said...

We have all expected the coalition and media to come up with all kinds of faux scandals during the next couple of weeks. The housekeeper wont fly, and is an example of how desperate they are. But, I don't think Walking Eagle expected someone to dig so far back to find his involvement with planning the Iraq invasion. What else have researchers found, to spring on him in the next few days.
We will not accept a coalition, and should be writing the GG to tell him so.
What else does the war room have up its sleeve to release about iggy's past.

Michael said...

The Conservatives were twice referred to as "The Opposition"

Very telling.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says. we are never going to get our conservative majority. i have said it before, sixty percent of all voters are socialist in canada.and about ten percent of the rest want government to run their lives for them. a coalitionwill probably happen sooner or later because the voters don't really give a rats ass whether we do or don't. i seen no proof that there are any real conservative left.

Alex said...

@ MaryT: Good idea.

@ Micheal: I missed that.

@ Old White Guy: Leave the defeatism to the losers. I'm not sure how many people are mistaken but we do have everything stacked against us. I don't really have any patience for the "real conservative" stuff either. Too many people think they are the only real conservative left. If that is true then ask yourself what you are doing to change that. remember that threats and insults won't change anyones mind.

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