Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Good work Eco-Nuts

The Prime Minster's talk at the Vancouver Board of Trade yesterday was widely covered yesterday thanks to some protesters.  It got as much coverage as the Canada-EU Free Trade deal.

I have to give credit where its due.  Without Brigette Depape's little protest nobody would have paid any attention to this.  The Prime Minster does these Question and Answer sessions all the time.  It's part of his job.  The protesters have drawn attention to themselves and the PM that would not have normally occurred.  Well done.

Harper was given the opportunity to make light of the incident and appear confident and in control.  He highlighted his optimism for the economy in the year ahead and also spoke about the Keystone and Gateway pipelines.  Score.

Conversely attention was placed on the protesters themselves.  Score again.  

Depape and one of the professional protesters appeared on CBC that day looking like drug addled children.  Even Rob Silver agreed that they hurt their own cause (Liberals support Keystone).  They should do more TV appearances.  The more the better.   


Patsplace said...

Remarkable lack of security. There we have the "Perpetually Angry & Confused" within touching distance of MY PRIME MINISTER!!!....and I don't like it. The eko nuts matter to me not at all but the leader of my country matters a great deal. Poor showing security detail, very poor showing. They should be assigned to guarding a salt pile at the department of highways in Winnipeg!!!

Mary HInes said...

This was the same little "nut" that showed up in the House of Commons with the STOP sign.... changing her hair style just to get paid by whoever.... It sure gave Peter, Bob and Evan some "smiles".... If they can find anything that in any way "might" bring negative light to the PM - they are the happiest men on the planet!

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